Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Great Summer Week

The summer schedule allowed us to have plenty of late nights, and the boys loved it.  They could take an early bath after the day's activities and dinner then watch a movie or a fun show with Mom.  American Ninja Warrior was definitely a favorite this summer!  One night they even convinced me to let them shop at at 10:30!! 
On the last week of tennis/swim/golf camp, Lincoln got really serious about his Wacky Wednesday attire.  American flag visor with bandannas tied on, a Ninja Turtle swim shirt, mis-matched swim shorts, one Christmas tree sock, one candy cane sock . . . he was pleased with his outfit! 
Picking the boys up from camp and it was all Bowie boys at the splash pad.  (Beau even got in on the action!) 
We tried out a new BBQ place, and it was delicious!  1050 BBQ was a little different than our regular spots, but we loved it.  And the boys enjoyed jamming to the music in front of the DALLAS mural out back.   
Another fun summer week for sure! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Saturday it was Pool Party for Shayne's 4th birthday, and we were so happy to celebrate!  The kids had a great time swimming, and Shayne's excitement was contagious!
Cupcakes for the win!  Goggle-eyed Lincoln couldn't wait to eat his cupcake! 
We swam with friends and Nana & Pops on Sunday afternoon, and it was a Shady's kind of night.  Burgers for all and a trip to Sweet Firefly!  The boys were happy to pose with their ice cream.  Chocolate for Lincoln - Chwakolate for Beau.  (He's really an over-enunciator!) 
This guy was making sure he got every last drop  . . .  that's my kind of kid! 
Great weekend spent outside and enjoying each other.  The lazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end, and school will be starting soon.  Soaking up a little more fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week Details

Ready for the week . . . we began with a visit to the dentist for Lincoln and Beau.  The pediatric dentist office is super fun.  They typically don't allow parents back there, and the kids play video games, watch movies, get stickers, make balloon swords, and color pictures.  Oh, and they get their teeth cleaned and have x-rays.  Mommy got called to the office to discuss Lincoln's situation.  He's lost 6 teeth at this point, and the permanent teeth are starting to come in.  The x-rays show that his little mouth is a bit too small for all of those big teeth.  We discussed a plan to (hopefully) get a few loose ones out to give the bigger ones some room to grow in, and we may have to do some spacing in the future.  At least they had fun!!!
Tennis coach Ms. Sally posted a few pictures of Lincoln at camp from last week.  Umm . . . when did he turn 12????  He looks so grown up in this picture from golf camp.  Yes, he's wearing one shoe.  Apparently, they use the other shoe as a ball marker.  Weird?  But seriously, he's totally 12 and who knew he could rock the hat backwards look so well!!!!

It was Wacky Wednesday, so Lincoln was in full crazy clothes.  PJ shirt, swim trunks, mis-matched socks, and Rangers hat (again, on backwards!).  He's loving tennis and that's so fun.   
We had some patio time at the club on Friday evening, and everyone was happy about that.  Home away from home! 
Ready to sleep in after all of this fun and have a sunny weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Super Fun Weekend

So much fun is going on here!  Mom picked up the crew from Canyon Creek tennis/swim/golf camp!  Happy boys!  (Beau went to Primrose but can't wait to join the big boys next year!)  They had a great time at camp all week!  Pick up is the job no one wants . . . it takes over half an hour to get each boy to locate their towels, tennis rackets, golf clubs, shoes, hats, sunscreen, backpacks, etc.  Mommy manages to handle pick up pretty well, and we have a few parent volunteers for drop off!
Canon's 7th birthday party was on Saturday morning, and the boys all had so much fun at Adventure Landing.  Lincoln, Nick, and Kyle seriously working at Skee-Ball! 
The boys played Laser Tag and tons of video games before singing Happy Birthday to Canon and having cake. 
It wasn't crazy hot yet (because it was 11:00 in the morning), so we braved putt putt for the whole group!  We didn't discover a Tiger Woods or Jordan Speith, but the boys had a great time with putt putt! 
We hit up the club pool to cool off after the party!  Daddy had some golf plans, and we soaked up the sun!  Lincoln and Nick had a hard collision at camp on Friday, and he had a tennis court floor battle scar for a few days around his eye.  Beau had a red Gatorade mustache.  Apparently, no face is without decoration! 
Nick's mom invited us over for dinner with the Moody's and Greeson's, and we were so happy to hang out with our friends.  Love the new Katsoulis house!!  The Dads left after dinner for the first annual Bowie Dads Corn Hole Tournament!  This may turn into a seriously fun event! 
After a regular Sunday morning/afternoon, we spent the late afternoon/evening at the pool.  These two can't think of any better way to end the weekend than on the slide!  So glad Beau has really embraced it!

Lincoln was ready to go the first moment the slide was open, and his love is still solid.  Slide forever!!!

Super fun weekend!  Summer is the best! 

Softball Thursday (with Mustaches!)

Thursday nights are still Daddy's softball nights, and the boys love it!  We hit up Burger House before the game, and Lincoln and Beau definitely needed to raid the little toy machine for some prizes.  They both scored crazy furry mustaches!  They were so happy to wear them!  The mustaches got in the way of dinner a little (a lot!), so we took them off to eat.  How silly are these guys!!!
They donned their mustaches again to show their friends at the softball game.  Because it was 100 degrees, the mustaches didn't last long.  (Thankfully!)  Daddy's team did great, and we had so much fun cheering them on.   
The team is securing a bid to the end of season tournament, and the Dads are playing hard!  The boys have so much fun playing with their neighborhood friends, the Moms love hanging out and chatting.  Thursday nights at the softball field is fun for all!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fair Foods Monday

The boys new favorite show is all about Fair Foods . . . I think it's called Carnival Eats.  This guy travels around to fairs all over the country to film and eat cool (and strange) foods.  They love to decide whether they would eat it, and they quiz Mom about whether she would eat it.  It's no surprise that Mom says yes more than they do!  Some of the things are crazy (cheeseburger made with donuts instead of a bun), odd (fried butter), gross (deep fried soft shell crab sandwich), and even frightening (scorpion-topped cheese pizza).  Of course, Lincoln and Beau love to squeal and yell their awed disapproval of these types of foods.  Some of the things are delightful (chocolate covered waffle on a stick), tempting (s'mores mini donuts), promising (brisket-topped cheese fries) and even sinful (red velvet funnel cake).  These are met with cheers and lip-licking and lots of laughs.  We decided to have our own day full of Carnival Eats, so we made a list of the some of our favorites from the show and declared the next day Fair Foods Monday!  On this Monday morning, we started off with iced donuts.  They were happy to begin the special day.  Lincoln was headed to tennis/swim/golf camp at Canyon Creek, and Beau was off to Pre-K, but they had a fun few minutes with our donuts.  (Lincoln is the happiest, most joyful person ever and his spirit really shows in this picture.)
Lincoln had a hot dog at camp, and Beau had a grilled cheese sandwich at school.  We're considering those fair foods!  Mommy went to Auntie Anne's at the mall during work to pick up soft pretzels for the boys for their afternoon snack.  We were picking up Nick, so he got to enjoy a pretzel as well.    
For dinner we made pepperoni pizza, which Beau insisted that we call Handmade Pizza.  Pizza didn't really seem like a fair food, but we have seen at least 4 different handmade pizzas on the episodes we have watched.  So we stretched out a crust and topped it with sauce, pepperonis, and cheese (and onions and peppers for Mommy).  It was delicious, and everyone made a happy plate!! 
One of the most anticipated items was dessert: Ultimate Strawberry Shortcakes!!!  Little cakes smothered with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.  Delicious!! 
Fair Foods Monday was so fun!  We will definitely be doing this again with some new foods from future episodes of Carnival Eats.  I'm thinking we've seen some yummy slider burgers, grilled corn on the cob (a challenge for Lincoln who has no teeth these days), and a few desserts we can't wait to try. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Celebrations!

Birthday week . . . Mommy turned 36 on Tuesday!  We celebrated with a cake after dinner, and it was delicious!
Skipping over a busy week on to Friday, and the boys went to Lil' Ninjas for some fun!  They were so much more adventurous after watching American Ninja Warriors and really tried every obstacle.  Beau tried his best and enjoyed his time. 
Lincoln has improved leaps and bounds since we went to William's birthday party there in June.  He mastered the high monkey bars and the spider wall.  Go Linc!  It's been so fun to watch him get braver and stronger.
The warped wall was super important!  Lincoln ran over and over to try to jump up to the top, but he just didn't have the length to make it.  A couple of times his finger tips brushed the smaller warped wall, and he loved that.  But he kept going back to the giant warped wall!  Beau wanted in on the action on the smaller wall too.  Luckily, the attendant gave the boys a boost near the top so they could grab on and hoist themselves over.  Cheering at the top!! 
We had dinner on the patio at the club with friends.  While the parents enjoyed each other's company, the kids played with glow necklaces/bracelets near the putting green.  Such a fun way to end a Friday! 
Nana and Pops suggested we invite Mommy's tennis group families and our closest Bowie friend families for a birthday celebration at the pool on Saturday.  It was sooooooo much fun!  The Sadler's, Clasby's, Gadoci's, Moody's, and Katsoulis' joined us for a great afternoon/evening at the club.  We all had fun in our cabana and watched the kids swim like crazy.  And not one single picture was taken . . . seriously . . . that's so weird for this picture taking lady!!!!!  Trust me, we all had a blast.  We spent Sunday afternoon at the pool too, and even carried the fun until almost closing time.  This picture sums up the weekend!  Happy and smiling in swimsuits after two long days of fun at the pool.   
Great birthday week, Lil' Ninjas rocked, and more birthday fun.  What more could we ask for!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ready for the Weekend

The boys got to hang with Nana and Pops on Friday all day!  They had a blast, and we met up (after Mommy was done with work) for haircuts with Mr. Danny.  Lincoln was looking super sharp after his trim, and Beau had a bit of a problem with getting hair in his mouth during his haircut.  Yuck!
We met some friends for dinner and playing on the patio at the club for dinner.  (No pics, but the boys loved playing with Shayne for sure.)  We were out late, but these two got all cleaned up and were shiny and smiley when they were getting ready to watch a movie in their sleeping bags in the playroom.  Sweeties! 
Lots of swimming on Saturday . . . and a nice brother hug before snacks.   
We spent most of Sunday afternoon/evening at the pool again, and we swam/slid/jumped our hearts out!  The boys really tried to watch Battlebots after baths, but they just couldn't make it through the whole episode.  Beau was crashed first . . .  
Lincoln lasted quite a bit longer, but then he fell asleep too.  Love that he was trying to read a book but was too tired. 
We are so spoiled with these lazy summer weekends filled with no real scheduled activities and just pool time all the time! 

Week Recap

We tried to keep it low key this week, but we still had lots of good times.  Lincoln was still going to Explorer's Club at Beau's school, and they were going to Medieval Times for the weekly field trip, and they were studying kings/courts/jousting/crowns/old times, etc all week.  It made for some interesting conversations in the evenings!  One night we got our popcorn ready to watch American Ninja Warrior after a bath one night.  Best show ever if you are 6 and 4 year old boys!
After Lincoln's swimming lesson, he did a little lounging in the pool.  He got plenty of time to relax while we ordered dinner poolside. 
Sometimes Thursday's are meant for dressing up, right?  Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman paid us a visit, and they were looking super cute! 
Things got a little more serious in the next picture! 
Another good week for these guys, and another weekend on the way.  Swimming anyone?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Swimming!

After our trolley ride and fun at the park, we took a break at home to cool off and rest a bit.  The pool was the best way to end the afternoon.  Lincoln was a diving board maniac!! 
He later abandoned the motorboat (pool noodle floatie) and was doing crazy twists off the diving board.  That reserved little kid of a few weeks ago who would barely and carefully jump off the diving board with so much caution has totally changed!!!  Love his swimming spirit! 
There was a noddle race of boys vs. girls later in the afternoon, and Lincoln volunteered for the boys team.  He swam his little heart out! 
Our cabana was a little crowded, so the boys decided to have their dinner at the pool bar.  They chatted with Mr. Gage (their swim coach) while they ate.  Oh man . . . this is the life!!!! 
We had our regular Sunday morning stuff then went to Jonathan's house for a pool party in the afternoon.  The boys had a great time playing together, and the moms really enjoyed just visiting. 
Pool time wasn't over yet for Sunday . . . we hosted the cabana for the evening for our swimming friends.  We had so much fun and ended up with lots of burgers and fries to end the night.   
Daddy went for an Emergency 9 holes of golf with Mr. Josh, and Mommy and the boys came home to get all cleaned up.  While the boys were watching the latest episode of Battlebots, Mommy made yummy breakfast tacos to freeze.  Daddy had to sample one when he got home, and the verdict was yummy!!   
What a great weekend!  We had a great time with lots of friends and got to share lots of laughs and tons of swimming.  Monday will get us back to normal, and we should all sleep well!