Monday, March 27, 2017

Soccer and Baseball . . . Split Gums!

Another Saturday on the soccer and baseball fields!  Lincoln was excited to be the catcher for an inning!
We headed from baseball to soccer for the big boys, and they had a great game!  We had some time to kill before Beau's soccer game started, and several boys were hanging around (literally) on the fence.  Beau's game started and lots of cheering was going on.  One minute the older boys were hanging and the next minute a soccer cleat jammed up in Lincoln's top lip/gums.  It was a bloody disaster!  We ran to the bathroom to clean it up and assess the situation, and the YMCA bathroom ended up looking like someone was murdered in there . . . so much blood!!!  Dad had gone down to Austin for work for the day, so we took this picture to show him the cleaned up version. 
We are tough (or stupid) and went on to Beau's baseball game after all of that drama.  Lincoln ate 6 Popsicles while we watched Beau play to keep the area numb.  Nick and Tallan and Lana ate several Popsicles to keep him company because that's what other players' siblings are for!  After that, we headed to the closest neighborhood PrimaCare to have him checked out.  Lincoln enjoyed getting his blood pressure taken . . . it looks like a vampire got him with the blood dried all over his shirt.
Waiting on the doctor with two cuties!
The doctor examined his gums and said that we had gotten him pretty clean.  No antibiotic was needed, and we went home to settle down after a loooong day of sports.  Never a dull moment here!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Having Fun

Other than soccer and baseball, we have been keeping busy.  What we've been up to . . .

Fun at Sunday School with lots of smiles.
Happy to be in the library . . . Beau loves hanging out there when we pick up Lincoln. 
Short hair and Sweet Firefly ice cream and candy. 
Linc's spring school picture came back super cute.  

Friday, December 30, 2016

Sunday T-Ball

Beau's first T-Ball game was on Sunday afternoon.  He was excited but a little nervous to start a new sport.  He's been watching Lincoln play baseball for years, but it was his first time!  On a side note, totally love that we went with first names on the back of their uniform shirts.  Super cute!
Loosening up a bit to have fun in the dugout!! 
First time up at bat. 
Got a hit and made it to Dad at first base.  Getting some coaching on when to run. 
Playing pitcher and ready to get some ground balls.  He doesn't look enthused!!!  Perhaps he was just really focused! 
Back to fun in the dugout! 
Beau scored a run! 
Super low-key thumbs up to Mom on the way back to the dugout.  Can't look too excited about your first run scored?!?! 
Another run scored a couple of innings later. 
Team huddle after the game ... it was a success! 

Super Saturday

Saturday was the start of the new baseball season, and we were up bright and early to get going.  Lincoln's game was at 8:30!!!!  He was ready to go!

After the game and some lunch, we played our new game Pie Face!  Whipped Cream on the lever and it's anyone's guess when it will splat you in the face.  Lincoln loved it and repeated several times.   
Beau gave it a try and laughed at first.  He loved eating the whipped cream!  But he didn't really want to get hit in the face again. 
Beau had a soccer game later in the afternoon, and he attacked it with fury!! 
Home again and ready for more Pie Face . . . this one was perfectly positioned on the nose! 
Chef Beau whipped us up some delicious imaginary treats! 
Super busy day filled with lots of fun!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fun This Week

It was a quiet but busy week.  We made breakfast for dinner one night (, and these two were super happy.  It's definitely their favorite.
We ran in the sprinklers for a while one evening.   
It was Muffins with Moms before school on Friday.  This picture cracks us all up so much.  Lincoln hates his weird look, and Beau loves to imitate it.  It was early and they were out of chocolate chip muffins . . . confused look!!! 
We had a picnic at the park with the little siblings on Friday evening.  The dads and big boys went to the Pearce Baseball game while we had fun.   
Lots of sports ahead this weekend!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mystery Reader - Dragons Love Tacos

Time for Mystery Reader in Lincoln's class!!!  Dragons Love Tacos was the book choice, and there were lots of fun things to go along with it.  The story is super cute and there were lots of giggles during the reading.
Our first craft was making paper "tacos" . . . of course!  Lots of cut up paper and tissue paper filled up the folded paper plates.  They looked great!! 
Next up was making our fire-breathing dragon mouths!  Because if the dragon eats a spicy taco . . . well, it gets hot!!!  We glued red and yellow tissue strips inside a cup that had a hole cut in the bottom and a straw sticking in.  When the kids blew in the straw, it fluttered the tissue paper.  They loved it!! 
And for snack time . . . we hit up the Jack In The Box drive thru on the way to school and brought 22 tacos to share with the class.  Biggest hit ever!!  Mom, Lincoln and Beau had never had one before, and Lincoln liked it.  Mom and Beau didn't try one, but maybe we should!! 
We went to dinner with friends on this Friday night, then came home to get all cleaned up.  Someone had a long day preparing for and helping craft at Mystery Reader.  Crashed on the floor after the bath!!
Such a fun book and lots of great crafts . . . and a winning snack!  Wonder if we can reuse this one when Beau is in 1st grade?!?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Celebrating Lincoln's 7th Birthday!

March is such a celebratory month, but we have one more to go!  Lincoln's birthday was last but certainly not least.  We had dinner with Nana and Pops and friends at Carmine's the night before the his birthday.  And a cake of course!!!  His selection was the opposite of Beau's . . . vanilla with vanilla!! 
After pizza and cake, most of the group went to check out the Pearce HS baseball game.  The boys had fun, and these three had a funny picture! 
School came early the next day . . . you don't even get to stay home on your big day!!  Linc got a little special treatment before the day was over.  Cutie!! 
Ms. McPherson asked him about his 7 favorite things (#2 is the best!!!), and he was too sweet.  Love his sweet voice.  All of his answers were great!


Mom brought cookies to share with the class, and we headed outside to the picnic tables to enjoy our treat.  And then the skies opened up big time, and we had to make run for the door before we got soaked!!!  (There is a trend going of super bad storms on Wednesdays in March.  Not fun.) 
We finished celebrating with dinner at the club and opening presents with the birthday boy.  Lincoln loved each moment of his birthday celebrations.  He has a heart of gold and is so appreciative and aware of kindness and love.  A day in the life of Lincoln would be pure joy!  It's been so much fun watching him enjoy his birthday and grow so much this year.  His upsets are pretty few and far between, but he can let himself get down.  Luckily, he's pretty quick to get over the issue and get back to his jovial self.  Ready to get back to real life after "birthday month", and it's getting busy!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Happy Easter!!  We got up early and got all ready for Easter Sunday at church . . . and then we forgot to take any pictures before church.  So the pictures are all of untucked shirts and a little disheveled!!  The boys did some egg hunting at Nana and Pops house, and they loved finding eggs with candy and coins. 
We had brunch at the club, and it was delish!  Family pic after brunch! 
All of the boys after brunch . . . good looking guys! 
We found our favorite girls after brunch too . . . it was a surprise that the Kuhlman boys and the Sadler girls were matching in their light blue gingham!!   
Duck update . . . one didn't make it out of the pool overnight.  We disposed of that one, but the mom totally noticed while she was counting her group.  We made a bread trail away from the pool and out of the gate in the hopes that they would exit and make their way down to the pond.  Several appearances by the dad duck and his brothers indicated that they were extremely mad about the missing duckling.  They all quacked at each other loudly and even turned their quacking to the humans.  Can they just please go already!!!!!

10 Little Ducklings

We had some unexpected house guests move in on Saturday (3-26-16).  A mommy duck and her 10 little ducklings had hatched in our backyard and were taking a dip in the pool when we got home after an afternoon of kids sports.  She was serious about protecting her brood from curious humans trying to get close to see them.  She squawked and honked at us to back up! 

We stared at the ducks for hours!!  We went to dinner then came back home to watch the ducks some more!  Way past bedtime, we were watching as she was trying to get them all out of the pool to go to bed.  A few of the smaller ones just couldn't hop up on to the side, so we rigged a pool noodle as a ramp so the little ones could get out.  It was riveting watching them all day, and yet we also were wondering how they were going to make their exit soon. 

Oh, and Beau had a soccer game earlier that day.  It was pretty warm (see Vance chugging in the background!), and the boys had fun!  Still rocking the extra extra large uniform (even though it is actually a small - maybe the company gave us adult small??)!

Stay tuned for an update on ducks and our backyard hotel!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ice Cream Date at Braum's

Braum's date with these two cuties after dinner!!!  Somehow the kid behind the counter got confused, and we got giant waffle cones.  The kids were in heaven!!!  Ice cream was the best way to end the evening after dinner.  We got to chat about our day at school, plan our weekend, talk about our friends and playing, and just enjoy time together with a sweet treat.