Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kinderarten Fun!

Lincoln had a visitor at lunch on Thursday . . . Mommy!!!  He came home on Wednesday with the request to buy his lunch in the cafeteria for the first time this school year, so he got to pick a few lunch items.  He chose chicken rings (super gross . . . chicken parts/pieces shaped in a ring covered in breading and fried . . . he's not getting chicken rings anymore!!!!!), chocolate milk, a roll, and a banana.  It's cool that he wants to eat school food (after soooooooo many years of him never eating school food and us sending unapproved turkey/ham sandwiches and fruit), but school food is kind of not healthy.  We decided together that he could pick one day each week to buy school food, and the other four days would be regular lunch box days.  Taking a lunch break with this sweetie was the highlight of the day!!!
We all met up at Campisi's for a yummy pizza dinner, and it was delicious!  The Bowie Playground Party was next up on this fun Thursday night.  Lincoln and Beau had fun choosing states.  They posed for pictures both standing in Texas, both standing in Oklahoma, both standing in Arkansas, then for the final silly pose they separated.  Crazy guys! 
Lincoln is a pro at the playgrounds at Bowie, and Beau thinks he belongs just like a 5 year old.  We had fun playing, and Daddy caught a super cute picture on the bridge! 
It was a fun day with school and friends.  Beau and Mommy have lots of plans for their day off on Friday, then we are all ready for a relaxing weekend! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Super Monday!!!

On Monday afternoon, Daddy walked to school to pick up Lincoln.  Mommy and Daddy thought it was a great idea . . . Lincoln didn't really respond that well.  He said his legs were tired . . . whatever!!! 
When Lincoln got home from school (after the longest, not really because it's only a few blocks, walk ever), he did some art in his room and created an Art Place.  He asked how to spell the words on his door sign to make it really professional! 
Mommy, Daddy, and Beau were blessed to receive a ticket to the Grand Opening (according to artist Lincoln).  We had to present our ticket to gain entry to (his room) the Art Place. 
Probably the most fun part of this whole Art Place shenanigan was Lincoln cutting the tape at the Grand Opening.  How on earth does he know to cut the tape at a grand opening?!?!  We all played along and celebrated his artwork hung all over the room.   
Besides hosting an art show on Monday, Lincoln had an exciting moment at school.  He lost his 3rd tooth!  Technically, he didn't pull this one . . . it just kind of fell out in his mouth.  We are all proud that he didn't swallow it!  He told Mrs. Bailey right away and got to spend a few minutes in the Nurse's Office, which was a huge highlight!!!  Losing a tooth at school is super cool!!! 
Lincoln is up to so many things these days, and he just so precious and sweet.  A bike riding lesson post is up next. Bubbles and Pops have discussed the best strategy for Lincoln's bike riding success, and it seems to be working.  Awesome video coming soon!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Sunday!

The new year of Sunday School began this Sunday, and Lincoln and Mommy were ready to move up to the Kindergarten class.  We arrived with a lesson, craft, and snack to share with our Kindergarten friends.  The kids enjoyed learning about Noah and the Ark.  We said good bye to Minnie and Bubbles when they headed back Arkansas and reflected on what a fun time we had with them!  Come back soon!!  After lunch and a great time watching the Cowboys win (!!!!!), we met Nana and Pops back at Bowie to do a little more bike riding practice.  Lincoln is getting better about finding his center of gravity, and that makes riding a bike much easier.  Go Lincoln!!  (Bubbles and Pops are sure they will get the benefit of running a lot while practicing with Lincoln!)  It was a successful practice!
Daddy's birthday is this week, and we decided to begin the celebration on Sunday afternoon.  Daddy, Mommy, Lincoln, and Beau hit the links at the club for some family golf, and we had so much fun!!!  Beau likes to ride with Daddy and Linc, but he gives Mommy some company occasionally.  He had some seriously funny faces while we were hanging in the golf cart.  No one would ever say that Beau was lacking in personality!
Nana and Pops met us at the club for dinner, and then we came home for presents and cake.  Daddy had two very excited helpers!   
Lincoln and Daddy "cheesed" for a picture.  Lincoln was loving this party!
Beau needed a picture too.  Then he just wanted us to cut the cake . . . so Beau! 
Lincoln's banner (in the background) needs to be noted.  He drew a picture of each of us, but he made sure Daddy's picture was special.  He drew him with a party hat, a cake with candles, and lots of balloons.  Such a fun day and party for Daddy!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday and Saturday Fun

Time for the weekend!!!!  Lincoln went off to Kindergarten on Friday morning, and Beau got a solo day with Nana and Pops.  They made a few fun stops and had lunch and played a bit before it was time to pick up Lincoln.  Beau and Lincoln had the sweetest "I missed you all day hug" at Bowie!!  They went for frozen yogurt before building giant two story mansions with boxes from Aunt Carolyn's move.  Note the doors, addresses, and mailboxes.  The other side features windows and much more.  Boxes are super fun!!!  We all met up for dinner, and Minnie and Bubbles joined us from Arkansas!
Saturday morning began early at our house.  Daddy met a golf group at 7:45 for an early round of 9, and we were all feeling the sudden cold front. Last Saturday's soccer game was super hot and humid with sweat dripping from kids and parents.  This Saturday's soccer game at 10:00 am had boys in long sleeve under shirts and parents in jackets and pants.  Once the boys got warmed up and ready to play, they were awesome! 
Daddy only played 9 holes and arrived at the soccer game to cheer on our team!  It was pretty cool! 
Beau took full advantage of the situation . . . Lincoln was busy on the soccer field, so he required all four grandparents to attend to him.  Seriously!!!!!  He has the whole world wrapped around his finger!   Did I mention that it was cold?  It was just over 60 degrees.   
Lincoln played in the first and third quarter of the game (per the rules that they play 4 on 4 for two 10 minute periods).  Coach Simon sat with Lincoln while watching the last quarter and had a fun chat.  They talked about how Coach noticed that Lincoln mostly loved to be in the backfield and was ready to guard the goal or prevent the other team from scoring. Great coaches are the best, and we have been blessed with some amazing Dads. 
After lunch and a little rest, we cheered on the Razorbacks for the first half of their game against Texas Tech.  During half time, we loaded up Lincoln's bike, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and had some bike riding practice in the Bowie parking lot.  Bubbles and Lincoln were taking it seriously, and Beau was running along in super slow motion.  Hilarious!!! 
Bubbles and Lincoln worked hard, and everyone got plenty of exercise.  We definitely have a few more bike riding lessons to go before Lincoln gets it, but good practice on a cool fall day.  
The boys always ask Minnie to read they books, and she always is up for that.  They brought all of their library books and piled up on the couch.  They might have read them multiple times . . . Minnie is a good reader. 
The boys gave Minnie a break and made Bubbles play games with them.  Chutes and Ladders was Lincoln's pick, and he bested Bubbles by 2-1.  They all played the duckie game and had fun! 
So much fun this weekend!  More fun is planned for Sunday, and Daddy has a birthday coming up that needs to be celebrated. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beau's First Day of New School

Lincoln isn't the only one with a new school these days . . . and it's time to share about Beau's new school adventures.  After the drama of the Medical City flood in July and the temporary school that we went to in way east Richardson, it was time to reconsider Beau's situation.  A really great school opened up a couple of years ago between home and Mommy's work.  Beau got on the list a while back, but things were going smoothly so no real hurry.  When Lincoln started Kindergarten, it was apparent that it was too far to drive to the temporary school or even back to Medical City (when it reopens) to take Beau.  We hit the jackpot and got a much desired spot at Primrose for Beau.  We went to "check it out" as Beau says, and we were all excited.  He couldn't wait for his first day this Monday.  He had witnessed Lincoln's transition to Kindergarten go so smoothly, and we all discussed it like he was starting a new school just like Linc.  Smiley boy on the way in on Monday. 
He led us to his Pre-School room and was excited to get started.  We walked around the room a bit and visited with the teacher for just a minute.  Beau got settled and didn't even care that we were leaving . . . no more "one more hug" or "wait Mommy"!  The director emailed that he was having a great first day, and that was great news.  He really excels in the classroom setting and loves to learn, so this new curriculum will be great for him.  Beau (just like Linc) has already been taught to thrive in Pre-School, and the more detailed program will be great for him.  His teacher commented to Daddy at pick up that Beau had the best first day of any kid ever!   
Tuesday was another successful day for Beau at the new school.  When Mommy arrived to pick him up, he insisted that he wasn't done playing.  "Could you go get Lincoln and come back for me later?"  Um, no!!!  We spent a few minutes talking with his main teacher, and she's awesome.  She completely loved that Beau is the best little student ever.  She reiterated that he's had the best transition to a new school of any kid she's ever had!  Yay, Beau! 
On the way out, Beau needed his picture made by the Minion wall to show Lincoln how cool his school is!  Sibling rivalry already! 
We are so glad that Beau's first days at his new school are going so well.  He is really confident and comfortable in his new environment.  Such a relief!!!
Once dinner, baths, books, and bedtime are done, the boys are supposed to stay in their rooms.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!  Beau has been coming out multiple times each evening stating that he just needs to give Mommy one more squeeze hug.  Who can say no to that?

Seriously the sweetest thing ever.  Beau can be the most determined and challenging little guy EVER, but he can also be the sweetest and squeeze huggiest little guy EVER.  We love Beau so much, and we love that he is loving his new school so much.  This Mommy should only hope to get such sweet hugs each night, even if they are after the hugger should be sleeping! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our Sunday

Sunday was a whole new day of fun.  We began the day at church, and the three Kuhlman boys were looking nice!  There were a lot of people in the service, and communion ran a little long . . . so we took a few pics!
We went for a yummy brunch after church, and Daddy had a funny exchange with another diner.  A man stopped Daddy on the way to our table and commented that he recognized us from church earlier.  Daddy's response, "I hope we weren't memorable in a bad way!"  He responded that he had a chuckle at Daddy and Beau taking communion and that Beau had an aversion to being told what to do.  No surprise there!!!  He also commented that we seemed like a sweet family, so thanks for that!!    After we got cleaned up, Mommy ran a few errands while the boys played and Daddy got in to the new NFL season.  Just about the time the Cowboys game began, Mommy and the boys headed to the pool.  Sometimes the team can be extremely frustrating, and Daddy gets really (REALLY!!) frustrated.  Nana met us there and swam with Beau, and Lincoln and Mommy worked on his different swim strokes.  He jumped off the starting block and had to pick a swim stroke to practice on.  He did great, and it is so cool to see that he really does well with each different technique.  All of those lessons really do pay off!  Lincoln's favorite part of our swim was definitely that he got Mommy soaked!  Daddy texted that the Cowboys were beyond ridiculous after just the first quarter of this first game, and he was coming to the club to play golf!!  That sounds like a great plan because probably more people have a heart attack screaming at the tv when their team sucks than when playing a nice round of golf on a peaceful Sunday late afternoon.  After Daddy finished the first 9, we were kind of done at the pool.  We grabbed Lincoln's clubs from the car and joined him on the back 9.  The Kuhlman boys all wanted to ride together . . . sad for a Mommy to ride alone but great photo!  Cutest golf cart pic ever! 
When we pulled up to 12, Beau looked back at Mommy alone in the cart and asked if he could switch.  Sure!!!!  So sweet to keep Mommy company.  It wasn't long before his true motive became clear.  This was the spot that he got to do "donuts" at the last time we came out with Daddy and Lincoln.  He didn't feel sorry for Mommy; he just knew he could ask to do donuts again.  So donuts we did, and he loved it!!! 
Lincoln got to play from the Children's Tees (how cool is it that our club has Children's Tees?!?!) and did great when he was paying attention.  I mean, it's been a super busy weekend and one can't be on their best game with surprise golf at 5:30 on a Sunday night.  The practice did serve him well, and he will just keep getting better.  He almost made par on one hole! 
Beau and Mommy selfie!  Even after the donut hole (get it?????), he chose to stay with Mommy.  We are great golf cart partners. 
This quote spoke to me today:
"To hear the laughter of a child
To wake up to the love of your life
To know that God has placed them on this Earth for you . . .
You are blessed."
In this crazy busy season of life, the best moments are those that are often unplanned and unrushed . . . just enjoying this blessed life of being together.  We spent so much time with Nana and Pops this weekend which was also a blessing, and we have plans to spend this next weekend with Minnie and Bubbles which is also a blessing.  We are loved, and we love, and that's the best!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Busy and Fun on Friday and Saturday

Let the weekend begin!  Beau and Mommy walked Lincoln to school on Friday morning, and it was fun.  We met a few of our friends on the way and walked in together.  It's just been the best first two weeks of Kindergarten ever!! 
They stopped for a brother hug before Lincoln walked into school.  (This picture should be printed and thrown in their faces each time they get into a fight!) 
While Lincoln was in school on Friday, Beau joined Mommy on a stroller run, a visit at Aunt Carolyn's renovated house (our first house!), a trip to the library, a stop to pick up Sunday School curriculum at church, a super quick stop at the make-up counter and cookie store at the mall . . . whew . . . that was all before lunch!!  We walked back to get Lincoln from school and had a few more errands to run before dinner at Anamia's and a movie night treat!  Saturday morning (thankfully, late morning) was Lincoln's first game on the Ninjas Bowie Kindergarten team, and we were super excited!!!  The boys practiced a bit, did some warm-ups, and met for a great "Team Ninjas" before the game began. 
The match is divided 4 ten minute periods with 4 kids playing for each team.  It was pretty hot and a lot humid this Saturday morning.  The boys were not deterred and just focused on soccer! 
Team Ninja Rule #1:  Anytime a teammate scores, we meet in the middle for high fives!  Sometimes group high fives get a little too exuberant!!! 
When it's not your turn to play, you hang out under the tent and cheer on your teammates!  Then boys will be boys, and we were breaking up Linc, Nick, and Preston from rolling around putting each other in a head-lock and giggling hysterically.  They forgot they were supposed to be watching soccer!   
Back in action on the field, and letting his teammates rest.  Another goal, another high five! 
Lincoln got the chance to toss the ball in to his teammates a few times, and he loved that.   
Lincoln with the break away . . . he took it to the goal and missed just a few inches wide left!   
We ended with a super sweaty, "Go Ninjas!"  Crawford's mohawk is too funny. Jonathan, Griffin, and Cameron have super sweaty heads, and the other guys were just as sweaty.  It was a hot one, but lots of fun.  The official score was 11-2, and Lincoln is already asking what it takes to be undefeated like his summer indoor soccer team . . . keep playing hard!!!  Super fun Ninjas game today! 
After lunch and a little rest, we headed to the pool to cool off.  So excited that the pool is open on the weekends this hot month of September.   
We met up with Nana and Pops for dinner at Mena's then got cleaned up and watched a movie before bed.  (Lincoln did sneak in a little Lego time and is almost done with his newest Lego set.)  Such a great Friday and Saturday!  Daddy spent a few days in Fayetteville this weekend hanging with his fraternity brothers at a little reunion they planned.  They golfed and had dinner and had a fun time catching up.  He bailed on the Razorback game to come home to meet us at the pool and join us for dinner.  Life is so busy these days, and we are making the most of it! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Legos and Jell-O . . . important stuff!

Our Lego KidsFest purchases have gotten lots of play this week.  Beau LOVES his train set.  We immediately put together the original set (and found the right battery for the train).  Since then, Beau has added the extra tracks, bridges, tunnels, and more.  He's really had so much fun with it!
Lincoln worked diligently every chance he got - we were really busy with the pool, church, and the pool again.  He finished on Sunday evening, and we were all so proud!  The Ninja Turtles set had 888 pieces and is for ages 7 - 14 . . . but Lincoln is a Master Builder (according to him!) and totally rocked it!  He has spent a lot of time this week playing with the characters and the set.   
For some reason we are on a Jell-O kick.  Maybe we saw a commercial, or maybe someone brought it up, I'm really not sure.  We made blue on Monday - Lincoln's favorite color.  We made green on Wednesday - Beau's favorite color.  As a Mom, Jell-O seems like a food that is a waste being that it has no nutritional value.  But the boys eat tons of fruits, veggies, and just regular healthy foods, so a little Jell-O is fine!   Love those grins! 
We've been having fun this week, and we are planning lots more for the weekend.  We have a trips to the library and car wash planned, a stop at church to pick up Sunday School curriculum, making more Jell-O, the pool on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, lots of playing, lots of brother arguments (just keeping it real!), lots of brother hugging (after said arguments), a little golf at the club, college football on TV, a new recipe for Sunday night . . . whew . . . I'm hoping for a nap in there somewhere . . . between all of the fun . . . and we will definitely have fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Rest of Labor Day Weekend

Sunday morning church cuties!!!  The boys were all smiles!  (Their shirts look weird . . . Beau's is too big and Lincoln's is too small.  At least the shorts and shoes fit!)
We didn't have Sunday School this week, so Lincoln stayed in big church.  He entertained himself by covering himself in stickers.  Not a lot of paying attention to sermon going on!

The Labor Day party at the club was crazy!!!  Everyone came out for one last party at the pool for the summer!  Lincoln and Beau were "cheeseing" all day! 
Still having so much fun!  The pool is the best! 
Wait up . . . the lifeguards announce that the pool will be open on the weekends in September for the first time ever.  We can't wait to spend the last hot days of the year hanging in the pool and enjoying a few more lazy and fun weekends.  Short but busy week ahead . . . we'll be ready to relax at the club by Saturday afternoon!