Thursday, July 2, 2015

Weeknight Adventures

Time to get back to our weekly adventures!  Lincoln went to Pine Cove Camp in the City all week during the day, and he had the best time!  (Another post will be dedicated to that with pictures.)  In the evenings we stayed busy playing.  One night was water balloons!  We (Mommy) filled up a few tubs with water balloons with a new filling mechanism that is way better than the hose or faucet.  The boys used their ninja swords to slay the incoming balloons!
Such happy faces! Love them so!
One evening was Ben's birthday party, and the boys couldn't wait to go!  It was in Ben's backyard, and they had all sorts of water activities.  Sprayers, soakers, balloons, a hose on the trampoline, and more.   
Little brothers love to tag along to birthday parties!  Case and Beau worked on filling up their balloons.   
Daddy played 2nd base in this week's softball game, and he did great.  It's so fun to watch the Dads out there hustling to make plays! 
Batter up, Daddy!  Lincoln and Beau stopped running around with their friends long enough to watch Daddy bat. 
Team meeting in the parking lot to share a cold beverage!  What a fun group! 
Busy week; pictures of Pine Cove to come.  (And the Belgium ones too.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Friday morning was the last VBS class, and the kids had a sang a few songs on stage.  Nana and Pops and Beau watched, and Lincoln had fun singing.  It was a great week at VBS!  They had plans for tons of fun activities on Friday afternoon.
Minnie and Bubbles came to visit on Friday night!!!  We were so glad they could come for Father's Day weekend!  They came in time to play a little then go to Anamia's for dinner.  We spent all Saturday morning playing (well, Mommy got to go for a run!) and had lunch (a really s-l-o-w lunch at Super Chix) before William's birthday party.  The boys were so excited to help William celebrate his 6th birthday.  The party was at Lil Ninjas, and the kids all had a blast working their way through the ninja obstacle courses.  The pictures speak for themselves, and it was a real workout! 

Time for cupcakes and singing!  It was fun to get together with school friends in the summer! 
Three ninjas in the car . . . we had Canon with us on the way home.  The swords and masks made us all make crazy faces (then laugh)!
After the party, we changed into our suits and hit up the pool to meet Nana and Pops and to show Minnie and Bubbles our new slide.  Lincoln has been loving it, but Beau hasn't really been sold yet.  He went down with Mommy twice, but he didn't love it.  With the motorboat/floatie things, he decided he want to try it with Lincoln.  Bubbles caught these shots, and their faces are hilarious!!   
I mean, seriously!!!  These are some of my most favorite pictures of the boys EVER!  Thanks Bubbles. 
We had a yummy burger dinner at Shady's and shaved ice at Sweet Firefly in the courtyard.  What a busy and fun day! 
We all met up for brunch at the club for Father's Day, and it was delicious!  The boys posed with the Grandfather's after we ate.  It was so special to be with Pops and Bubbles on Father's Day for the first time!  These boys are lucky to have such great guys to look up to, have fun with, and be loved by.   
Daddy surprised the boys on Sunday afternoon by returning from Belgium!!!  We spent a few minutes checking out the boys' souvenirs, had a quick dinner at Manny's, and then headed to the golf course!  We knew Daddy would want to spend his Father's Day playing golf with his best guys . . . even if he had been up since 5:00 AM Belgium time.   
An entire post about Daddy's trip is coming soon.  We were happy to have him home, and he was glad to be back.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Happy Thursday because Mommy was home from work with Beau!  Lincoln went to VBS with William, and Beau got to help Mommy clean out the playroom.  He regulated on which toys were ok to donate and which ones needed to stay . . . all while wearing his fireman costume!
We had three trash bags full of stuff to donate to Goodwill!  Daddy sent us a selfie from Belgium, so took a selfie to send Daddy! 
Daddy is on a neighborhood Dad's softball team this summer, and their first game was on Thursday night.  We went to represent the Kuhlman name, and the boys had so much fun!!!  All of the kids are friends in some way . . . older brother/younger brother/soccer teammates/baseball teammates/etc.  These kids had a blast!! 
The Golden Sombreros in the field!  Apparently, Golden Sombreros means striking out 4 times in one game, so they named them selves ironically.  (Because they were pretty good!!) 
Beau took a break from hide and seek and settle his sweaty self in between these bars.  Cutie! 
This sweaty guy couldn't sit still for long.  That snaggle-tooth smile is forever the greatest thing!!!  
Two little boys loved watching the Dads (even though their was in Belgium for the week).  So much fun at the ballpark! 
Lincoln is finishing up VBS at our church on Friday, and Minnie and Bubbles are coming for the weekend!  So much fun to come!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quite Night at Home then Wild Night Out (White Sox Baseball party)

Tuesday arrived with the planned Pre-K for Beau and VBS/Sports Camp for Lincoln.  We didn't have too much going on in the evening.  It was nice to have a quiet dinner at home (baked pork tenderloin) and just hang out.  Beau got a little twisted up while taking off his shirt before baths . . . he was somewhere between crying and laughing at his misfortune!  It was the cutest (and maybe a good embarrassing picture to save for graduation/wedding) picture!  Love that bod!
Lincoln sneaked out to watch the end of the Rangers game, and he was looking so tired.  We were able to text with Daddy as he was flying over the Atlantic.  Love that his plane had wifi!   
Wednesday evening was our White Sox baseball team end of season party, and Coach Corey had us set up in the party room at Manny's.  The kids had so much fun (and made such a mess of chips!!!), and everyone was happy to get together again.   
Coach Corey passed out trophies after dinner and highlighted each child's improvements and strengths.  The parents cheered and really appreciated how hard the kids and coaches worked together this season.  Lincoln busted a pose with his trophy! 
Lincoln was so proud that Coach Corey gave him a game ball for the end of the season.  Each player has been selected to receive a game ball throughout the season, and they all think it is so special.  Such a sweet way to honor them after working so hard!  Thanks Coach! 
Such a fun party!  This White Sox team played great, each player really improved, and it was fun for all the families.  Daddy will get an entire post dedicated to his Belgium trip soon (and he sent great pics), but it's on with regular life for the state-side Kuhlmans. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swimming and Golf

Sunday evening sliding!  Lincoln and Riley had the best time on the slide on Sunday.  They went down individually (but always one after the other) many times.  When they saw that some of the bigger kids were going down the slide together, they decided to try that out!  They devised several plans, took turns being in front and in back, sometimes held on to each other, sometimes didn't hold on to each other, discussed how to go down the slide faster, and really just had fun! 
After dinner in the cabana, we all got back in the pool to play.  Mr. Josh brought one of the basketball goals over to the shallow end for the kids to play.  We were missing the start of the Finals game between CLE and Golden State, but Lincoln and Beau were busy having their own version of The Finals in the pool!!  #Lincolnscored 
Beau had watched Lincoln go down the slide a million times, but he wasn't ready all evening.  He got a few suggestions to ask Mommy to go down the slide with him, but he still wasn't interested.  Just before it was time to go home, Mommy told Beau it was time.  Let's do the slide!!!  We eagerly (nervously) climbed up the ladder, and Lincoln was so proud of us.  We confidently (uncoordinatedly) sat down at the top of the slide with Beau between Mommy's legs.  Mommy might have had a secret panic attack about landing in the water with a not-awesome swimmer who she is in charge of to not drown him/her.  Luckily, it went great!!!!  He loved it!  We took a picture and went down the slide again with Lincoln cheering us on and a lot of real eagerness and confidence.  Mom of the Year for going down the slide twice!  (Can I crown myself Mom of the Year???  I just did!  Someone bring me flowers!  Secretly, it was kind of fun!) 
Monday brought another week of summer school:  Beau back to Pre-K, and Lincoln to Vacation Bible School at our church.  Linc's only lasted from 9-12, but they had a fun Sports Camp from 12-4 that he could stay for.  It was great.  I think there is a good picture coming soon.  We went to dinner with Nana and Pops early on Monday night, then Daddy and Lincoln went to play 18 holes at dusk.  Beau and Mommy went home to make sugar cookies with blue icing and rainbow sprinkles.  Beau was happy! 
Daddy and Lincoln were having FUN!  Love these two!  Lincoln's snaggle-tooth instantly makes any picture better! 
Somewhere on the back 9, Lincoln asked to take a rest for a minute.  Daddy took this sweet picture while driving to the next hole.  
Big boy rallied and finished 18 before the sun set.  It was kind of a late bath at 9:30 when they got home, but it's great that they had such a fun time! 
We have a full week going on.  Lincoln at Bible School/Sports Camp, Beau at Pre-K, Mommy working, and Daddy going to Belgium!!!! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friday and Saturday: Friends and Fun

Friday fun, at last!  Lincoln went to his last day of Tennis/Swim camp for the week, and Beau and Mommy had plenty of plans.  We exercised, had a fun lunch, stopped at the Post Office to mail a package to Auntie, and visited the Galleria.  Beau loves "the cookie mall" and always needs a cookie while watching the ice skaters. 
We went to swim in the afternoon and saw the campers finishing up their week with a fun carnival!  Lincoln and Nick joined at the pool, and the slide was finally open!!  The line was long, but the anticipation was high! 
Payoff!  The slide is awesome, and Lincoln totally loves it!  The lifeguards don't allow goggles on the slide or diving board, and it's been a great way to get Lincoln to not rely on wearing goggles all of the time.  So much fun! 
Nick's family came to pick him up at and were happy to join us our group on the patio for dinner.  We all had so much fun, and the kids played great together.  Lincoln's tooth has been so loose all week, and it was just barely hanging on Friday night.  While brushing his teeth before baths, Mommy reached in and quickly pulled it out.  So quick and easy!  He was so proud, and he's the cutest snaggle-tooth EVER! 
The White Sox had a game on Saturday morning, and Lincoln loved playing pitcher and 3rd base.  He had some awesome hits and got 3 people out!

Beau was his sweet and silly self while Lincoln played.  He had fun playing with the girls and cheering on his big brother!

We had lunch at the club with Daddy before his golf, and then we hit up the pool with lots of swimming plans.  Unfortunately, we had three 30 minute thunder breaks.  It only rained a little each time, but we had lots of popsicles to pass the time! 
Dinner was at Shady's with the Katsoulis and Moody families.  These kids are getting along so great, and the parents really enjoy hanging out together!  Lincoln got the "swing the washer on the nail" game 10 times!  So proud! 
After burgers, fries, and apple slices, these kids were super silly!!  A giant thunderstorm was going on so we were confined to the covered patio section, and they lived it up!!! 
Sweet Firefly was necessary after dinner, and everyone got serious about their treat.  Delicious ice cream and shaved ice!  I love these kiddos! 
Life is busy and full and crazy and good.  Life is planned out and spur of the moment.  Life is the best right now.  And we have so much more life to go . . . it's hard to imagine how much better it can get! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

First Week: Tennis/Swim Camp and Pre-K

Lincoln was up and ready for Tennis and Swim Camp on Monday morning!  He had his backpack filled with sunscreen, a change of clothes, a water bottle, a tennis racket, and two towels . . . it was a full day of fun!  (Nick started feeling bad on Sunday evening with a fever and still had it on Monday, so he didn't join Linc on the first day.)
After dropping off Lincoln at his camp, Beau was all set for his first day of Pre-K at Primrose!!!  Several of his friends moved up with him, and they were all happy when Beau arrived.  He got to know his new teacher Ms. Brockway, and Ms. Ashley (a sub in Pre-School) has moved to the morning helper in Pre-K, so he was thrilled about that!  We had a few extra hugs then he was off to do some learning and have some fun! 
Tuesdays in the summer are Field Days/Splash Days for Beau!  He loves to wear his swimsuit to school and the fun water activities in the morning.   
Lincoln was all set for Wacky Wednesday . . . Rangers hat, Ninja Turtles PJ shirt, Superman swim trunks, mis-matched socks and shoes!  He was a happy kid!

After camp and school on Thursday, we had a quick dinner.  It was a great night for a bike ride . . . until we made it halfway around the block and discovered that Beau's bike was having a problem.  The right hand brake was locked, so the back tire wouldn't "go" like normal.  We made it back home  and found a neighbor's sprinkler running.  The boys spent half an hour running through their sprinkler and squealing with joy!   
The week was super busy and fun.  We had dinner at the club with Blake and her girls spontaneously.  We did some carpooling with Coach K to get Lincoln and Nick to and from camp.  We spent tons of time telling each other to "Look over there at that . . ." just so if the person looked, we could say "Made ya look, made ya look, now you're in the baby book."  That's been REALLY popular this week.  We are ready for Friday and the weekend to come!