Friday, December 19, 2014

Special Sunday Brunch, Rain, and Games

It was a special Holiday Brunch at the club on Sunday.  The boys loved that we had a "fancy table" and "fancy water glasses"!  They also loved the special kids buffet table along with their favorites from regular Sunday brunch.  The boys "cheesed" with Nana and Pops for a cute picture.
After we all had a fabulous brunch, we had a family picture.  There were lots of ketchup stains on fancy shirts and pants . . . oh well!! 
The boys posed by the Christmas Tree and smiled sweetly!   
No trip to the club is complete without a visit to the putting green.   Daddy and the boys took a stroll and then the boys ran wild down the hill a million times.  Oh, and it started raining and who cares????? 
The boys and Daddy spent some time in the afternoon watching super important football games/Scooby Doo movies, and Mommy did some rainy shopping.  After a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin and broccoli, we had another round of family game night.  The boys still love the head bands game with Disney characters, and we added Christmas Oreos to the party.  Super fun!!! 
What a fun Sunday!  We prepped for the last school week of the year, and it's crazy that Lincoln is half way through Kindergarten! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Super Fun Friday: A Play, Shopping NorthPark, and a Candy Cane Cake!!!!

Lincoln's first field trip was scheduled for Friday morning, and he was so excited!!  Kinder through 2nd would go to Pearce High School to watch a play, and Mommy got to join the class.  We took a fun picture before the show started. 
Our picture crasher and his buddy turned out to be neighbors on our street.  They informed us that they live 7 and 3 houses down, respectively. They also invited Lincoln to play football and basketball with them anytime.  (And the second one's mom is an SMU basketball coach, so we should definitely take them up on the lessons!)  Who knew such cool 2nd graders lived on our street?!?! 
While waiting for the play to start, Lincoln and Canon had a few games of "One Two Three Four, I Declare a Thumb War!"  Such sweet friends enjoying a silly game! 
The play was 'A Year with Frog and Toad', and the Pearce High School drama department did an excellent job of entertaining the kids.  Lincoln's favorite character was the snail "mailman" who dramatically walked REALLY slowly to deliver Toad's letter to Frog.  His song was funny, and he was nice enough to pose for a picture with Lincoln and Ben.  (Also he told the boys that he went to Bowie for Elementary, and they thought that was too cool!) 
When it was time to head back to school, the kids were loving that they got to ride the bus again.  They loved the play so much, but they probably loved the 5 minute bus ride the best!!!  Awesome pic of Linc getting on the bus!  (Our school doesn't have buses because we are all in the neighborhood, so we had to pay $5 each to rent a DISD bus/driver.  In the future, it would be worth each parent to pay $5 for the kids to just ride in a bus for an hour . . . it was the most exciting part of the day!!
After the field trip, Beau and Mommy had lunch and went for a fun shopping trip.  We stopped at a new market with fun vendors selling so many different gifts, and we found several Christmas gifts.  Such a cutie! 
When we picked up Lincoln from school on Friday afternoon, he made us pose by his award winning decorated stocking.  Apparently the kids decorated stockings earlier in the week.  The principal picked her favorites to hang on the wall, and Lincoln's was one of them!  He was so proud . . . and so were we! 
We met up with Nana to visit NorthPark after school.  The boys (and everyone else!) were in awe of this optical illusion.  The barrel is short, but their trick with lights and mirrors was amazing! 
We were really there for our annual visit to see the trains, and we were surprised that there were only a few visitors on Friday afternoon.  They loved the trains!!! 
We have always gone on a Friday morning, and there are usually so many kids/strollers/moms/etc that it is hard to see.  Not this time . . . they practically had the place to themselves!  Waiting on the trains to come around the corner . . . 
Cheese for Mommy! 
We made a candy cane cake for dessert, and the boys were really proud that it actually looked like a candy cane.  (They didn't want it to taste like peppermint/candy cane, but they loved the icing and sprinkles!)
Eating candy cane cake in Christmas pjs is the best idea ever . . .

. . . and both boys were all smiles! 
We brushed our teeth and watched Home Alone (for the millionth time) before bed, and everyone went to sleep happy.  Super Fun Friday!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Couple of Regular Days!

Basketball goal in the backyard means lots of practice . . . thanks Pop Pop for the quick response!  Lincoln made 6 baskets on the first night, and he was sure to make note that it was 12 points!
Mommy was the library volunteer on Wednesday, and the Kindergartners were learning how to use the iPads to search research documents.  Lincoln was loving the technology lesson!  He was also so excited to check out two new books to take home for the week.  Love library time! 
Beau has been busy having lots of fun at school too, but this "sneaking out of his room late at night all clean in his Dinosaur Santa pjs" is the cutest picture to share.   
Chicken enchiladas were on the menu one night, and they were delicious!!!!   The chicken was cooked all day in the crock pot with salsa and water.  After a bit of time in the skillet with taco seasoning and bell pepper, the chicken was rolled up in fresh corn tortillas and enchilada sauce and cheese . . . of course we added steamed green beans!!  Everyone loved this dinner! 
So much Christmas festivities are going on . . . next post will highlight more fun!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monday night bedtime

Monday's are busy with getting back into the groove after a fun weekend . . . you know, school and work come first then we all head to the club for Lincoln's tennis lesson and dinner.  After such a busy day, baths and bedtime should be easy.  Lincoln just couldn't settle down in his room, and he was up making and wrapping Christmas gifts at 10:30 that night!  Some people got art supplies from his stash wrapped up with their name on the top, and others got a handwritten Christmas note (that said something like Dear xxxx, I love you.  Merry Christmas.  Love, Lincoln).  On this night he had wrapped gifts for Beau, Beau (Beau got two because Lincoln loves him extra!!!!), Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Pops, Minnie, Bubbles, Ally, and Auntie.  (That's all he could do in one night, but several others have been added later in the week!) 
After checking on Lincoln's business at 10:30, a Beau check rendered this picture . . . completely crashed out with his little Christmas tree ablaze behind him.  Beau can be so feisty and so funny and so amazing, and sometimes it is really great to capture a second of Beau being so still.   
While Lincoln was gifting and Beau was sleeping, Bobby the elf was working on a note and chocolate treat to surprise them in the morning! 
Our week is super busy with regular fun and Christmas fun treats . . . it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday: Church, Santa, Game Night

Lincoln had fun with Mommy teaching Sunday School, then we lit the Advent Candle and Ms. Jeanette read the verses from Luke.  The kids really enjoyed our time together!
We had brunch then went to visit our favorite Santa at the Galleria.  The boys were super sweet, even though we had a bit of a wait.  They told him their names and ages and posed sweetly for a picture.  Lincoln told Santa that he wanted a Minion Kevin (because that's his dad's name!!!) and a Lego set.  Beau confirmed that he wanted drumsticks, a drum, and a horn.  Santa was happy to agree to each item . . . thanks Santa!!!  On a side note . . . Lincoln looks exactly like Kevin and so like a big kid, and Beau is quickly losing any baby looks that he left.  When did they get so big?!?!
We dropped off our Salvation Army Tree Angel gifts after seeing Santa and did a bit more shopping.  Daddy made us a delicious spaghetti dinner, then it was Game Night with Christmas Oreos!!!  We started with Minion Operation.  Beau squealed like crazy each time the buzzer went off.  He had so much fun!  We have plenty of time to work on his dexterity, and he'll get better at Operation the older he gets.  Luckily, he loves the sound when he doesn't get the piece out! 
Lincoln laughed the hardest I've seen in a long time while we were playing.  He was crazy tickled and made us all laugh too!  (Don't tell anyone, but he got a case of the toots each time someone sounded the buzzer on Minion Operation . . . and he couldn't stop laughing!) 
We played several rounds of Minion Operation, Chutes and Ladders, and the Berenstain Bears Sharing Game.  It was a super fun Game Night, and Christmas Oreos made everything a little more festive!  In this busy holiday season, we had fun taking a break to just have fun together. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sweet Beau with Santa and Basketball Lincoln

It is worth noting that the last post about the boys loving the movie Home Alone is a complete understatement . . . . they are obsessed with everything about it!!  We have watched it several more times this weekend, and it's super fun each time.  So happy we share this love together!  Other things have happened since we began to love Home Alone.  Santa Claus came to Beau's school for pictures.  Beau decided that he didn't want a picture with that Santa because he wanted a picture with Lincoln at the "Cookie Mall" Santa (the Galleria Santa is where we always go).  He did decide that he wanted to visit the school Santa even though he didn't want a picture.  Sweet Beau searched through his book basket and selected a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit as a gift to take to the school Santa.  He said that Santa always brings people presents, and it would be good to take him a present.  Santa and Beau read the book together, then Beau insisted that he keep it.  Santa looked at Mommy with a shock and a smile, and Beau was so proud that he got to give Santa a present.  I'm not sure how many kids give Santa a present, and I'm not sure how much Beau is super sweet, but this was one of the sweetest moments between a little kid and a Santa that I've ever seen! 
Lincoln was busy with his first basketball practice and game on Saturday, and we were all excited to go watch.  We've been working on dribbling and passing, and number 45 was good on those.  Our practices have been kind of limited to the dining room, so we had to work on the basic skills in the space we had.  We have a kindergarten Bowie team, and it was actually fun!   
After a 45 minute practice, we moved to the other part of the gym for a game.  It was full of hustle and effort . . . and just about what you would expect a Kindergarten team would score.  Our team won 8-4, but we weren't actually keeping score!!!  
Lincoln needs a little practice with shooting at the basket . . . we didn't have one of those in our dining room.  We solved that problem with buying a basketball goal at Academy for the backyard!  Bring on the NBA scouts because we are loving basketball! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Movie Night - Home Alone (Mommy's Choice)

So we have decorated for Christmas, and we are loving the trees and lights.  We have bought  Christmas gifts, and we love to buy gifts for others.  We have talked about the real meaning of Christmas, and that it is a celebration on the birth of Jesus.  We have been singing carols all the while!  We finally took a break for a Christmas movie.  The boys have watched Charlie Brown's Christmas and Toy Story Christmas earlier, but we went in a different direction for this one.  It was Mommy's choice on Thursday night after dinner, and the boys were super curious about what Mommy had in store.  It was Home Alone . . . one of Mommy's most watched movies ever! 
The boys loved that the main character shared a name with Daddy, Kevin (McAllister) of course.  They loved every scene he was in.  Their early favorites were when he discovered his family was gone, when he got shocked by the Daddy's aftershave, and when he went sledding down the stairs.  The fun really got started when they figured out that Kevin was going to trick the bad guys so many times.  They loved his simple and creative and kid-smart ways to get them!  They squealed and screamed each time one of the bad guys was foiled by Kevin's tricks . . . ice on the steps, hot door handle, iron to the face, torch to the head, glue to the face with feathers ready at the fan, glass ornaments at the window, paint cans to the head . . . wow, this sounds violent!!!!  All in good fun, and the movie night was a success.  They are already asking when they can watch it again.  This is a silly Christmas tradition that is super fun, and we can watch it as many times as they want.  So much fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Decorating for Christmas and a Birthday for Pop Pop

Our Thanksgiving was super fun, and our Friday was super fun.  On Saturday we got started on our Christmas decorating.  Daddy kindly fetched the boxes from the attic in the morning, and we got busy during the day on Saturday!
Lincoln and Beau were so happy to have trees in their rooms this year.  Lincoln loved listening to his Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD while working on his tree. 
Beau had a great time being in charge of his tree.  He hung almost all of the ornaments at his eye-level.  He was super proud!  He was probably the most happy about doing it all on his own . . . he really likes to make his own decisions!!
We celebrated Pop Pops birthday (it was actually on Friday) on Saturday night with dinner at Manny's and cake at our house.  We all sang Happy Birthday then Pop Pop had to think of wish before blowing out his candles.  
Present opening was interesting . . . the boys picked out exactly what they wanted as gifts.  They directed me to the "Texas store" at the mall a few weekends ago and chose really specific Christmas ornaments as gifts.  As any grandparent would do, Pop Pop loved his gifts and thanked them for their thoughtfulness.   
We all went to church on Sunday morning, and Lincoln and Beau were striped cuties.   
We had brunch at the club before Daddy played a little golf in the afternoon.  He came home to put out the Christmas lights with two silly helpers.  Everyone was proud of their work!  We are all enjoying the festive lights.
It is important to note that everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts during all of our weekend Christmas decorating.  It was a gloriously warm (yet windy) weekend.  We knew that the weather would turn cold on Monday, so we took full advantage of the almost 80 degree temps.  The cold weather coming on Monday won't keep us from having more Christmas fun; we'll just have to keep it indoors.  So happy to be Merry with these guys!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Friday Fun

The Friday after Thanksgiving Day was filled with fun!  We slept in (that's something to be thankful about!), then got started with our day.  A few turkey leftovers for lunch, and Mommy had lots of cleaning up to do.  The boys entertained by wearing their new aprons that Auntie sent them and served lots of play food.  We might have two little chefs because they took their food prep and serving seriously!  So cute!
After the "cooking" was finished, the boys were excited to paint with water colors.  They painted for over an hour and produced many wonderful art pieces. 
Lincoln had noticed through the playroom window that the backyard tree was literally (his favorite new word) raining leaves.  We went out to make some leaf piles, and the boys had so much fun jumping in their piles and tossing leaves around.  Beau made such funny faces! 
At one point, Lincoln was done making a mess of his leaf pile.  He organized it and sat in the middle.  Weirdo! 
They got back to tossing the leaves pretty quickly . . . so much fun! 
We got cleaned up for our annual Thanksgiving Friend Party.  The Robisons, Eoffs, Hoggs, Goodmans, and Whiteners joined us for a pizza party on Friday night.  The kids enjoyed craft time and made glitter turkeys (that got a huge squeal from the Eoff girls!) and decorated hats.  Everyone had to pose with their crafts - it was a great group of kiddos.  We missed the Erickson family and Box family, but we can hope their schedules work out next year.
After dinner and crafts, the kids spent some time in the backyard enjoying the nice weather and tons of leaves.  Casey was in charge of raking the leaves into a giant pile, and the kids had the best time jumping in the leaves! 
Maybe the best picture of the night . . . sweet Jane in crazy mid-jump into said pile of leaves!   
The kids also took a few turns on the slide.  Clare helped Jackson out, but he was a pro! 
These guys have been friends forever . . . love having everyone together after so many years.   
Next up is decorating for Christmas, pics to follow!