Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stars and Flowers!

This post isn't at all as girly as the title alludes!  On Monday night, Daddy and Eric went to the Dallas Stars playoff game.  It has been a very long playoff drought for the Stars, and they were so excited to go.  Their tickets were just 6 rows off the glass, and they got to see so much action! 
The game didn't start until 8:30, so the boys missed out on most of it.  It was a very intense game with so many shots on goal, and I was biting my nails just watching from home.  Playoff hockey is the best!!!  I gave Kevin orders to either take a "selfie" with Eric or bother another fan to take their picture.  Neither of them were remotely interested in my request! After the Stars were up 3-0 in the 3rd period, they let down their guard for a pic!!!  Someone isn't exactly happy about it, but thanks anyway!!!! 
The official picture of "STARS WIN" is very important.  It's been a long time! 
The boys were at swimming lessons while Daddy was cheering on the Stars, but they were happy to check out the game for a minute before bed.  After school and dinner on Tuesday, we had some flower planting to do.  The party favors from the Whitener's Shower on Saturday evening were the cutest yellow flowers, and we needed to get them into pots with new soil and water.  Lincoln and Beau couldn't wait, and they were so mad that it took from Saturday until Tuesday for me to get it together!!!  Look guys, Easter and T-Ball practice and school and work . . . give me a break!  So happy to begin our potting! 
They took turns putting the potting soil in each pot and pressing it down gently.  (Is that what you're supposed to do?  I have the non-greenest thumb ever!) 
They took turns with the watering can and declared that the plants were all set to grow!  Oh my goodness, I hope they grow!!!   
Lincoln brought home a bean stalk plant in a plastic cup a few months ago that was just a little sprig, and it's taken over our kitchen window sill . . . is that a sign that we are pros at growing things now?   I think not!!!!   But we will try our best to pay attention to our new potted flowers and not over/under water them. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

We have had lots of egg hunts, crafts, and treats to get ready for Easter, and it finally arrived!  We got up a little early on Sunday morning so we wouldn't have to rush around.  The boys were happy with their new monogrammed shirts and new shoes, but Lincoln found his not so happy face when I asked for a picture. 
I had planned on long-sleeved blue gingham button up shirts for them this year, but these green and white checked shirts really screamed at us at NorthPark one day.  I hesitated because I vividly remember dressing the boys in green and white check for their first ever matching Easter outfit in 2011.  The pictures were less than spectacular but very memorable.  Crazy crying Beau and not smiling Lincoln . . .  
Lincoln's frown faded quickly this year!  Comparing these pictures makes me want to freeze time RIGHT NOW!!!  How can they be so big?  When did this happen?  I love the sweet and sassy little guys they are today, but I can't believe they are so much bigger than those two dressed in similar outfits just a few short years ago.  Happy for the smiles! 
They discovered that the Easter Bunny had left them a few goodies, and they got busy checking out their gifts.  A couple of little candies, a few coins, a few activity pads, new flip flops, and Spiderman stuff (Lego for Linc and race car for Beau).  They were thrilled! 
Lincoln had lots of fun in Sunday School.  Each boy was so excited to show off their new Easter shoes!  They really paid attention to the story of Jesus and the Resurrection.  Thankful for sweet little boys. 
Beau and Daddy enjoyed the service and Children's Time, and it was a packed house!  While Daddy went to get the car, we ran into Lincoln's sweet friends, Lindsey and Erin.  They are in different classes at school this year, but we still love them so much!  And they still love Lincoln so much . . . they smother him with hugs in the hallway when we are leaving school.  It was fun to run into them and their parents.  Beau was super proud to be in a "big kid" picture! 
We always have a special brunch with Nana and Pops on Easter Sunday, and I decided to continue comparing this year with our 2011 matching year. We went to the Hyatt Richardson, and Linc's plate was full of turkey, green beans, fruit, and a waffle.  He ate like a king that day, and Beau was stuck with breast milk.   
Oh, how times have changed!!!  We had to remind Linc that he attended his first Easter brunch at this very spot at just 3 weeks old in 2009.  Pops brought photographic evidence, as seen on the table in the picture.  The boys were very specific about what they wanted from the many delicious choices at the Park Cities Hilton.  Lincoln chose eggs, bacon, fruit, and French toast.  Beau chose bacon, roasted potatoes, fruit, and French toast.  And since he needs ketchup for bacon dipping, Mommy had a secret ketchup packet in her purse!  The dessert table was the next highlight, and Beau really enjoyed the icing on his giant piece of chocolate cake!!!!  Lincoln was a little neater with his small chocolate brownie.  The best way to end an Easter brunch is with chocolate according to my guys!!! 
For the last comparison to Easter 2011, let's look at our family photo from that year.  We look so young . . . and a little tired with a newborn!
Our family this year looks different but the same.  Lincoln and Beau are much longer for starters!!!  Daddy is pretty similar, and thankfully Mommy has on a longer dress.  (What was up with that in 2011?!?!)  I still think we are a pretty cute group! 
The last two Sundays have been super rainy, and Lincoln's T-Ball practices have been cancelled.  We met up with Coach Wes for a voluntary (anyone who is in town and not busy with afternoon Easter activities) practice.  The boys that were able to come really got to work on their skills, and Coach Wes really got them to show some improvement.  The best part was that the Dads really got involved in playing too.  How much fun did Lincoln have making it to first base SAFE when Daddy couldn't get him out! 
The Dads had so much fun in the field then batting for fielding practice.  They helped the boys understand several in game scenarios about how to get runners out, and it was super fun for all!
After ball practice, we went to Nana and Pops house for our last egg hunt.  The boys loved to run around the backyard to find eggs.  They got a little (A LOT) loud a few times, and we got a few looks from the golfers.  What can I say . . . there was money in the eggs and serious business to find as many as possible!!! 
What a blessed Easter Sunday we had!  Not only did we celebrate that Jesus has risen and gave us everlasting life, but we had a wonderful day just enjoying our family.  It was fun to look back at Easter 2011, and not only because the boys had on similar shirts this year.  It was the year that Beau joined our family, and we have really grown into a family of four since then.  Perhaps they need matching green and white checked shirts every few years . . . I better hurry because they won't let me choose their clothes for much longer!!!  Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

School Easter Egg Hunt and Bishop Arts District Fun

Lincoln's preschool class had a fun Easter Egg hunt on Thursday, and he invited his Mommy to help out.  It was so much fun to watch him play with his friends and hunt for eggs.  Such a great hour away from the office!  He and his sweet friend Ellie were ready for action.  Ellie always gives Linc the most good-bye hugs at the end of each day.  Lincoln raced around the playground to gather so many eggs, he grabbed a few from the top of the playhouse and zoomed down the slide to find more.  He and his buddies were happy to show off their loot. 
After the Easter Egg hunt, his teacher asked me to read the Easter story to the kids.  I read a lot to Lincoln and Beau, but it was a little more heavy to read to a room of 16 preschoolers.  They rewarded me with quiet listening ears and applause at the end of the story . . . so glad to make Lincoln proud!!  He presented me with a plant that we could take home and watch it grow together.   
Friday morning was gymnastics of course!  The boys ran around like crazy and had tons of fun.  We had a fun picnic in the backyard and loved the nice weather.  We took a break to rest and settle down for a bit.  We did manage to do some shopping and playing after our rest and took several silly pictures.   
Lincoln's T-Ball team didn't have a game scheduled on Saturday, so we slept in then got some new spring church shoes.  We all headed down to the Bishop Arts District for a baby shower for Kevin and Veronica.  Their new house is super cool, and the boys loved to play with Tomas.  Their backyard was super fun, and they loved the train set in his room.   
Snack break!!!  Lincoln worked on his bean bag tossing skills for a long time, and Beau visited the chip bowl for a long time . . . typical!   
We went to Eno's for pizza, and it was delish!  We are never in the Bishop Arts District, but it's really cool.  We took some time after dinner to walk around and see the boutiques, neat shops, and live music.  So much fun stuff to see! 
One of Daddy's accounts is in the area so we strolled over to hang out on their patio and let the kids meet Ms. Mary (the owner).  It's kind of weird that there are lots of cats that hang out on the patio of Ten Bells, but the boys loved it.  We spent the rest of the evening building Legos and reading books at home.  Everyone was getting ready for Easter Sunday . . . crafts for our Sunday School lesson, new monogrammed shirts, new shoes, found our brown leather belts from last year, and Mommy even ironed!!!  Lots of Easter fun on Sunday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy Sports Night

Wednesday started out like any normal day . . . school fun, spaghetti dinner, and milkshakes for dessert.  After we got the regular stuff out of the way, we had a full night of cheering on our Dallas teams.  The Rangers are just beginning their season and needed to start strong (even though there are  tons of injured starters), and the pitching duel between Yu and King Felix promised to be great.  The Mavericks had the last game of the season against Memphis to determine playoff opponents, and they needed to win to avoid the Spurs.  The Stars first playoff game (in a long time) was sure to be a test against Anaheim.  So much sports!!!!!  We finished baths and the bedtime routine on time, but everyone caught the sports bug and couldn't settle down in their beds.  We all piled up in Daddy's office to cheer our teams. 
It's hard to watch so many games at once!  We had the Rangers on in the main living room, and the Mavs on in Daddy's office.  The Stars game didn't start until after 9:00, so we only checked on it a few times during the end of the other games.  We all ran to the living room to celebrate the Leonys walk off hit to win the game but ran back to check on the Mavs game.  Hooray, we're up in overtime!  Lots of cheering and yelling!!!  Lincoln and Beau tried hard to read the scores (Linc is really good at that) and cheer so hard for our teams.  So much fun!!! 
The cheering got a little out of hand and boys banged their heads together REALLY HARD!  They started developing welts right away and made me take them to the mirror in the bathroom to see if there was blood.  Luckily there wasn't any blood, but they did hit pretty hard.  All smiles after checking out their injuries! 
I'm sure this isn't the first sports-related injury they will have.  Most of them should come from actually playing sports, but occasionally they may have them from over-celebrating.  Unfortunately, the Mavs lost the game with 01.1 seconds left.  So heartbreaking!  The Stars lost as well, and also in heartbreaking fashion.  Perhaps we should work on our cheering! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brother Hugs

Sweet brother hugs are always a special moment . . . and that moment is even sweeter when they are all cleaned up after a bath, wearing pjs, and headed for bed.  These two love each other like nothing else!  Sure, they fight daily but always know that being brothers means that they have to hug it out!  At the end of each day, no matter how many times they have been mad at each other, they can't go to bed without spending a minute to hug.  Best brothers ever!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday and Sunday Fun

Saturday morning began with team pictures before our game.  What a great looking White Sox team!  The boys played a great game, and everyone has improved so much from last week.  It's fun to cheer when they are having fun!
After lunch Lincoln and Daddy went to Scarborough Faire.  There was so many entertaining things that he saw . . . a fire-breathing person, a jousting competition, a petting zoo, an elephant that he didn't want to ride at all, people playing ancient instruments, and people chomping on giant turkey lets.  As if this wasn't all weird enough, Lincoln wondered why the grown ups there had on their Halloween costumes.  So real grown ups were dressed in strange Rennaissance and that was a little weird!  Daddy and Lincoln did have fun together! 
Beau and Mommy hit up Hobby Lobby in the afternoon to get ready for our next craft.  We also went on a run on the bike trail even though it was crazy windy.  The boys were super excited to have a sleepover at Nana and Pops house, and Mommy and Daddy had evening plans of their own!  I'm loving this cute family picture! 
When do Mommy and Daddy ever take a picture all dressed up . . . never!!!!
It has been several months since we have spent any time with Matt and Rachel, and we were so glad to meet them for a long dinner.  We started out at PakPao in the Design District, and it was fabulous!!!  We are so proud to be a part of the investment team behind PakPao, and the concept is working out so well.  So glad the Goodman's loved it as much as we do!  Best Thai margarita ever!!! 

These two guys had to have a picture . . . they are soul sisters . . . except that they are guys . . . what do they call that for guys . . . Anyway, it is always like they have never been apart, and their texting and phone conversations have always made up for the distance (Matt in Scranton, NYC, or Cleveland).  Love having them back together.  Oh, and Rachel and I had fun eating, talking, and making fun of them a little!
Lincoln and Beau were SUPER excited to have a sleepover with Nana and Pops.  They were planning on Spring Creek BBQ, puzzles, a Happy Feet movie viewing, and lots of fun.  Everyone was ready for a bedtime story from Pops, and it looked super serious.
The boys had a few projects to work on Sunday afternoon.  One of those was to put candy in their eggs for the school egg hunt this week.  Beau chose mini 3 Muskateers with marshmallows.  Ummm . . .  no one is happy about that but Beau.  Oh well!!! 
It was a fun weekend for sure.  We have lots of things planned for this week, and the boys love to be busy.  Easter crafts, new desserts, and much more . . . stay tuned!

Friday, April 11, 2014

End of the Week Fun

It has been a very busy week at the Kuhlman house!  We have had school and work each day with tons of activities each evening.  By Thursday night, we were ready to take a night off to hang out at Carmine's for pizza.  The boys were so excited to wear their new "I put ketchup on my ketchup" shirts!  Pop Pop found them on his recent business trip to New Orleans.  (Daddy and I were super jealous of the Acme shrimp poboys he had and the beinets at CafĂ© DuMond!)  These boys love ketchup . . . but they don't actually eat it very often.  I know some kiddos that require ketchup at every meal (with only chicken nuggets and French fries).  Lincoln and Beau only have ketchup maybe once during the week and twice on the weekend, if they are lucky.  To be honest, they don't miss it, but they love it if it's offered.  Either way, the ketchup shirts were a hit!  (Ally may be a little jealous that she didn't get one!)  They were so happy with their shirts that they had a few super sweet brother hugs!
Friday was a Nana and Pops day, and they began at gymnastics.  The boys were loving the new bounce house with two slides!   
Lincoln wanted to write a letter to Mommy, and Pop Pop helped him spell the words.  It was so sweet to get this letter after a long day!  Lincoln is so thoughtful and always wants to share his love! 
A family of bunnies comes to dine in the backyard at Nana and Pops house each day, so the boys laid out some lettuce for them.  They think it's crazy and love that the bunnies come so close!   
We all met up for our regular Friday night dinner then came home to play a few games.  They picked the game that Minnie and Bubbles gave them for Christmas, "Who Shook Hook?"  It takes a delicate hand to use the tweezers to pick up the selected item from the dangling net.  If it fall in, Captain Hook gets to keep it!!  They were surprisingly agile and didn't act like their usual wild selves.  We should do this more often! 
Lots of sweet fun for a Friday!  We have a busy Saturday planned . . . stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Legos and Dance Party - Terrific Tuesday

Lincoln is still super Lego obsessed, and Beau is under strict orders not to touch any of Lincoln's Lego stuff.  The pieces are so small, and the instructions are so exact . . . it's just not good for a little brother to be involved.  He has respected the rules really well and occasionally just wants to sit at the big table next to Lincoln to watch him.  Lincoln was working on the large fire truck this evening, and he allowed Beau to play gently with the water truck that he had built earlier.  It was a major honor for Beau, and he tried his best not to mess it up.  (He totally messed it up 15 times, but he's just not very delicate.  Lincoln and Mommy took turns fixing it each time.)  He was just so happy to be part of the fun! 
The boys requested a dance party instead of a bedtime book this evening, and they each got to pick a song.  They were really getting into singing and dancing around with the video on the iPad, and it was hilarious to watch!! 
Uh-oh!  Beau saw that Mommy grabbed the camera and totally ended his singing and dancing!  Silly little guy!  Lincoln either didn't notice or didn't care and continued singing the song.   
A dance party is a fun way to end the day, even if it's not as settling as a bedtime story.  Luckily, everyone has settled in bed quietly.  It was a great day.  We'll just have to wait and see what crazy fun tomorrow brings! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

First T-Ball Game of the Season and a Rainy Weekend

Saturday morning was our first T-Ball game of the spring season, and the White Sox were ready to play!  Lincoln and Daddy warmed up and got all set up in the dugout.  Two handsome guys!!! 
Our batting practice really paid off because Linc was hitting the ball with so much confidence.  He ran super fast to first base and looked like a season T-Ball player. 
Lincoln played several positions during the game, but his favorite was pitcher.  That's an important position because most batters hit balls right up the middle.  He stopped the first two and threw the ball to first base.  After a few went awry, the bases were loaded.  He put out a couple of runners by grabbing the ball and rushing to home plate!  So proud of his smart baseball skills! 
More batting and more great hits!  Go Lincoln! 
Beau was happy to cheer for Lincoln, but mostly he was happy to play on the playground and run on the bike trail.  It was a super chilly morning, and we all had on our warm clothes.  Beau did lots of fighting about the pullover but was happy that he wasn't cold! 
The White Sox got lots of hits, ran the bases great, had good defense, and mostly had a great time!  Such a positive game and great teammates!  Lincoln's favorite part is the good game high fives, and he was first in line!  So sweet! 
After the T-Ball game, we got warmed up and had lunch and a little rest.  Lincoln's school friend, Zayne, was having a birthday party in the afternoon that we were so excited about.  Linc painstakingly picked out Zayne's gift with care, and he couldn't wait to get to the party.  Unfortunately, it rained on the party.  They had lots of outside games planned.  The kids weren't too bothered but mine needed their umbrellas.   
A real fire fighter came to talk to the kids about fire safety, and everyone loved that.  They even got to try on the official fire fighter hat! 
The rain continued on Sunday, and we all got wet going to Sunday School and church.  After a yummy brunch at Deli News, we ran a few errands.  The boys and Mommy had fun in their rain boots!!! 
The rest of the afternoon was spent inside with new Lego sets.  Lincoln was super determined to finish his airplane before the night was over.  We took a few breaks to rest with a movie and enjoy a delicious dinner . . . Mommy's homemade chicken parmesan, Daddy's homemade marinara with spaghetti, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Neiman Marcus bars.  So much yummy food and so much fun Lego play.  Lincoln was super proud that he finished his latest creation! 
We didn't let the rain ruin our weekend!  This week promises plenty of school fun, evening activities, a few Easter crafts, and more delicious dinners.  More updates coming soon!