Sunday, September 24, 2017

Camp Week - Pine Cove

Pine Cove Week!!!  Lincoln is always super excited for this week at Pine Cove in the City!  He had a great group of friends and a great leader.  They made the most of their days with water slides, bounce houses, field games, and most importantly devotions and Bible studies.  Linc came home each day with stories of a Bible Hero he learned about that day.  Here a few shots they posted.

One of the favorite things about Pine Cove is the Character Traits their leader gives at the end of the week.  Lincoln's leader really got to know him and observed him well.  These are the three things he noted about Lincoln, and I couldn't agree more.  He is confident: not shy and comfortable with himself.  He is adaptable: goes with the flow and not too bothered with change.  He is content: he is a happy guy and ready to play with friends and be glad to be a part of the week. 

On Friday, Beau came along for the closing ceremonies.  Popsicles were the final reward, and everyone loved that.  We always love our week at Pine Cove in the City, and we'll definitely be there next year!

New Fence!

The newest thing going on at the house is a new fence!!!  Armando and his team have a great plan for transforming our entire backyard.  The original set up was a fence around the east side yard and back around the pool to the west side before the garage started.  There was another small fenced in yard on the west side yard.  We decided to make the backyard enclosed with once giant fence and have a rolling gate installed to make it one big compound.  The boys could play basketball or soccer outside without the worry of a kid chasing a ball out into the alley.  Everything would be contained within the fence.  Major demolition/construction/setup was going on Tuesday, and two of us spent the day at home overseeing things.  We played a game of (ultra-confusing) Pok√©mon Battle, and Mom knew none of the rules.  Fun, nonetheless.  
Quite a difference between the new fence and the old fence! 
Lots of old fence waiting to be carried off. 
We can't wait for the finished product.  Armondo's guys are the best, and we love the additional security the new fenced in yard allows.  They will be here for at least 3 weeks (I know!!!), but it will be awesome!

Super Hero Lunch

Lunch with Super Heroes!  These two accompanied Mom to the grocery store in costume, and we were super safe from any bad guys.  They stayed in their costumes for lunch then changed to do some swimming.  Silly guys!!

Pool Day!

Pool Day!!!  We earned an afternoon off for sure.  Lots of baseball and camps, and we just spent some time together chilling in the backyard . . . with a giant slice of pizza!

White Sox - Championship Game

Big Baseball Night . . . It was the night of the championship game for the White Sox.  We won out in our league and got bumped up to the higher league for the playoffs.  White Sox vs. Brewers, winner take all.  The boys played their hearts out, but the Brewers were the better team.  We accepted our trophies for Division Winners (as opposed to 2nd place in the Tournament), and the dads and big boys came back to our house to swim and celebrate.  Watching these boys grow and play so hard this season was so special.  The dads can be very hard on them, but they work hard to get better.  

Great season, great boys, and lots of great baseball.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Canyon Creek Camp this Week

This week was golf/tennis/swimming camp at Canyon Creek . . . always a favorite!!  The pictures Ms. Sally posted were cute.  Lincoln was a happy tennis player.
We stopped for donuts one morning on the way to camp, and L&B were super ok with that.  Donut holes, a glazed donut, and a chocolate donut . . . these two are all about the classics. 
Obviously, the best day is Wacky Wednesday!!!  What other day is it ok to wear underwear on your head? 
Golf is a good addition to camp this year.  He's liking the golf time after lunch to break up the day. 
Great week at Canyon Creek!  We love Ms. Sally's camps and love earning Sally Bucks to buy treats.  Nick was with Linc this week and having his best bud there made it extra fun.
(Beau stayed at Primrose each week for their summer program, and hopefully there are pictures to post about that.  They did themed weeks with field trips and lots of fun.  He'll get his Canyon Creek turn though.)

Baseball Night

Super Busy Wednesday for the Kuhlman boys!  Beau had a t-ball game at 5:30, and he was happy to be there.  Dugout life!!
Another successful at bat for Beau.  Luckily there is no yelling from Mom when she is videoing.  When she is not videoing, the yelling consists of varying phrases like, "Run like you are chasing your brother!  Faster, Faster!"   
Lincoln had a game after that, and we all moved to the next field to cheer him on.  Pitcher is his favorite position! 
He had a good night batting, and this one was close.  He had to seriously hustle to get on base.  Way to get it done! 
It was also William Moody's birthday, so we all had dinner in the car after the game (Campisis's for the boys) on the way to Sweet Firefly for an ice cream party.  Very long night, but everyone had fun.

Always Underwater

What are these two doing?!?!  
They were having a crazy underwater conversation, and it was pretty funny!  L&B love being together in the pool.  They come up with crazy games and wacky ideas, and it is so fun watching them.  Lincoln is particularly fond of being under the water.  A million times I start to ask him a question or tell him something, and he's always underwater!  Seriously, even Beau notices that Lincoln never hears what we are talking about because he's submerged all the time!!!  (No one should be surprised because he's been like that all the way back during swimming lessons.)  Apparently, underwater is where it's at!

Basketball Camp for Lincoln

This sweet guy was ballin' this week at Pearce Basketball Camp! 
He really enjoyed each day, and it looked like a lot of work!  Drills, scrimmages, layup contests, 3-on-3, 5-on-5, and more.  At the end of the week, he won a medal for top three in the layup competition!!!  So proud of you, Lincoln!

Swimming Sillies

Now that school is out, it is official summer!!!  We have big swimming plans, of course.  First up, using the floating basketball goal as a floatie?
Beau's silly jumping . . .

Lincoln is up next! 
Lots more of this to come!