Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend Fun

Happy Friday!  While Lincoln was in Kindergarten, Daddy joined Mommy and Beau on a stroller run.  It was a fun time!  We are giving the stroller to friends with younger kiddos because Beau's feet were literally hanging over the end and almost scraping then wheel!  It was fun for Dad to join us on a run!
Beau and Lincoln were super serious about reading Scooby Doo comics in the library on Friday afternoon.  Lincoln has met his AR points goal for the year (20 points), so the boys just got to read and have fun in the library. 
Hair appointments with Mr. Danny after school . . . they were on their best behavior!  The got awesome hair cuts and suckers, too!  Thumbs up! 
We headed to the club on Friday evening to join Daddy after his golf wound down.  The boys had tons of fun running around with friends!!  The struck a silly pose for Mommy! 
Before they were released to go run and play again, they switched poses.  Too cute! 
Our last Ninja's soccer game on the spring season finally arrived, and the boys were having fun.  Soccer should have ended in early April, but all of the rain outs extended our schedule way into May.  Lincoln is mostly a defense guy, and he loves to be goalie or be in the back field to run fast to kick the ball away from the opposing team.  On this last game, he announced in the car that he would definitely score a goal.  He did a great job with his normal soccer skills and saved a goal or two!  With 20 seconds to go in the 4th, he scored a monster goal!  Everyone cheered as the ref blew his whistle to end the game (season).  This fall/spring soccer team has been so fun.  Thanks so much to our coaches for leading this wild bunch!  We had Popsicles and Gatorade's from the Katsoulis' family and posed with Coach Simon with trophies! 
Saturday afternoon was spent at the club.  Daddy played golf, and the boys joined Mommy in a 90 minute tennis session with the ball machine.  They needed a little snack and rest after that.  Lincoln is totally making a heart with his hands, so sweet! 
We ran into Pop Pop changing to the back 9, and he said Nana was hanging outside at their house.  The boys enjoyed a golf cart ride to visit Nana in the backyard.  Bonus:  We ran into Daddy playing with Mr. Josh and tagged along for a hole.  Happy guys!
The summer is almost here, but we have a few more thing to tie up first.  More fun to come!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

School Fun and a Little Break in the Rain

The last month of Kindergarten is going quickly.  Mom volunteered to help Mrs. Bailey on Tuesday but didn't give Lincoln any advance notice.  He was surprised to get a tap on the shoulder in the cafeteria, and he got to have lunch with Mom!  Such a sweet face!
The sweet face quickly turned to the cutest squinched up silly face . . . as usual!  He knows how to work the camera!  He ate his turkey, cheese, popcorn, and strawberries happily, and then we went to check out his picture being moved to the 20 point AR level.  He is so proud, as are we all.
We had a brief reprieve from the rain on Tuesday afternoon and evening, so we made sure to got for a neighborhood bike ride after our grilled chicken dinner.  They were happy to get back to monitoring the streets for friends, pets, and other common sights. 
Mom surprised Lincoln at school again on Wednesday by being Library helper (with Canon's mom).  The kids had fun learning from Ms. Harker then checking out new books for the week.   
On Thursday after school, the Ninjas had a make up soccer game.  We are still making up games from the massive rain cancellations, and it was still super muddy for this one.  Some of the boys attempted to avoid the mud-filled low spots, but some couldn't help but take full advantage of splashing and sliding in the mud.  The boys posed for a crazy picture after the game.  (Their uniforms look way whiter in the picture than they really were.) 
The weekend plan is filled with outdoor activities and more rain.  Can we fit in golf, soccer, baseball, and tennis between the storms and mud?  Some yes, some no!  Pictures to follow!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day . . . rainy edition!  This rain is not letting up, and it's been weeks!  Every weekend is tons of rain, and the next weekend has the same forecast.  We had Sunday School then met up with Nana and Pops for brunch at the club on Mother's Day morning.  It was super delicious, and everyone had fun.  We posed for a damp picture on the putting green, and these silly guys make for the best Mother's Day ever!
Mommy's Sunday evening tennis group had plans to play on Mother's Day, but Christy invited us (and our families) to their house for a crawfish boil.  So nice . . . and so not the normal!!!  The parents had fun visiting, and the kids had fun (Lincoln and Beau had met Riley and Addy on Wednesday evening and reconnected, the boys already knew to play with Shane, and KK and Frog were super fun older kiddos) and played so well together.  They had 30 lbs of crawfish, and it took four batches to boil it all.  Most of the participants were eager to dig in, but three of us weren't so confident.  My excuse is that part of 8th grade Biology with Mrs. Tosh was to dissect a crawfish, and it wasn't pretty.  Those things live in the mud, and it gets in every external/internal crevice!  Not that I would haven eaten a crawfish before 8th grade, but I certainly hadn't eaten once since!  (Side note:  I don't go to many crawfish boils, so the temptation isn't there.)  Blake and Christy also enjoyed the process and company, but were a little sheepish like me.  Brooklyn took over the seasoning and tried to make us comfortable with the crawfish.  We eventually figured out that if our husbands picked out the good meat, we were ok with eating it.  Brandon did a great job of boiling our crawfish feast, and it was kind of fun to get out of the comfort zone!  Thanks to Kev for taking care of me!  There were a few shenanigans before the crawfish were all cooked.  Beau was checking out the live crawfish in the giant bucket from a safe distance when Mr. Josh pinched him from behind, and Beau was shocked out of his shoes!  He gave Mr. Josh a silly/angry growl!  Dwight wore a pair of gloves to transfer the live crawfish to the boiling water, and he managed to have a few out of control crawlers!  Brandon even put a live crawfish on the table of boiled ones to scare Brooklyn!  It was wild!
Mr. Brandon grilled the kiddos hot dogs, and Mommy brought fruit and cheese to round out their meal.  They ate well and were pretty happy to not be involved in the mess on the big table!
Since the never-ending rain still wouldn't let up, we watched a storm roll in and dissipate before dumping on us.  We just got a nice little shower while we ate.  The kids loved jumping on the trampoline. 
When the kids took a break inside, a band formed quickly!  An accordion and keyboard were also brought in by Addy and KK.  Such a fun group! 
We had so much fun, but eventually it was time to end the evening.  Lincoln and Daddy had to make a stop before Mother's Day was over.  (Lincoln had seen a Kroger commercial while out visiting with Mom instead of sleeping earlier in the week.  He ran to get a piece of paper and crayon to write down Kroger-Roses-$9.)  He was so proud to present Mommy with roses for Mother's Day.   
It was a fun day for sure.  Lincoln and Beau have brought me so much joy as a mom, and it's nice that we took a day to tell them to honor their mom.  We talked to Minnie, and if it wasn't mentioned, it should have been . . . she's been an amazing mom to me.  Our daily phone calls are a very special part of my day.  We just spent brunch with Nana, but it also should be said how special of a mom she is to us too . . .  we specialize in texts instead of phone calls.  Thanks to all of the women who mother our family, and I'll try to keep up the example you set to mother with love first and foremost.  Again, to Lincoln and Beau, it is an absolute honor to be your mom!  But keep buying flowers and cards and giving extra hugs and kisses because those are priceless!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun Friday and Saturday!

Friday was a busy day!  Beau went with Daddy to help set a Scottish Festival, then we all met up at Bowie when school was out.  Ms. Harker, the Librarian, told Lincoln last week that the end of AR quizzes is coming up soon.  He has been super determined to read more books each evening so he's ready for more quizzes.  It has taken a long time to get from the 10 point club to the 20 point club when Kindergarten books only earn 0.5 each time.  On Friday afternoon, he made it to 20!!!!!  (He gets a free ice cream pass in the cafeteria next week, and that is a totally exiting reward!)  
We woke up to thunder and rain on Saturday morning, and we were moving pretty slow and assuming the Ninja's soccer game would be cancelled.  Apparently the Y is tired of cancelling games, so we all trampled in the mud while the boys play a hard and fast game.  Lincoln scored a monster goal and hustled hard.  The boys have really rallied after so many weeks of rain outs.   
Daddy left the soccer game to check on a couple of festivals in Arlington and Fort Worth.  Luckily, the rain took a break for the afternoon, and they were successful.  Lincoln chose The Burger House for lunch, and Ms. Kate said the Katsoulis family would join us there.  Fun lunch with (baseball coach) Corey, Kate, Nick, Ellie and Baby Tyler.  The kids had fun spending eating lunch and spending tons of dollars and quarters on the video games and silly toy machines.  Beau had to pose with his 50 cent gray mustache!!!  We had a great time . . . and we were all still muddy from soccer! 
After getting cleaned up and having a fun afternoon of Legos and a Target trip, we met up with the Moody's and Katsouslis' families for a fun dinner at Manny's.  They put our wild group in the party room, and we tried to keep it in check.  The parents loved visiting, and the kids loved hanging together.  There might have been a chip fight (that was put to a stop), there might have been a sugar canister giant swallow (that was put to a stop), there might have been a bunch of ice cubes thrown (that was put to a stop), there might have been a bunch of fruit/quesadillas/fajitas/chips eaten, and there might have been a Scooby Doo DVD available to distract little boys from all of the bad behavior that can happen at a semi-supervised table just 2 feet from their parents!!  Mommy took the kids outside at the end to run a bit on the patio!  Fun group! 
Coach Corey and Coach Andy (and he brought William) came over for a coaches meeting later in the night, and the kids managed to have a popcorn fight in the playroom.  Yikes!  But such a fun Friday and Saturday!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wellness Wednesday and Tennis too!

The boys had their annual well visit with Dr. Karam on Wednesday afternoon, and he gave them a healthy review!  They were happy to chat with him and ok with being checked out. 
Beau had to have 3 booster shots, and he didn't handle it very well.  After some screams and drama, he broke out in hives.  The nurse got worried that he was having a reaction to one of the shots, so we had to wait in the office until he calmed down.  Three suckers later, his hives were gone and so were we!  On the way out, we say this flag from the Masters that Jordan Speith signed for Dr. Karam.  We share a pediatrician with a Masters winner . . . cool!!!

We had the rest of the afternoon to play, and the rain had moved out.  We rented the ball machine for some awesome tennis practice!   Mommy intended to get in some solo practice while the boys played around, but Lincoln was serious about returning balls.  It was too fun! 
Beau's favorite part was the ball smasher (picker-upper).  Lincoln helped him some but was more interested in actual tennis. 
We decided we were having to much fun to go home to cook dinner, so we dined on the patio.  Such fun dinner dates!   
One of Mommy's tennis doubles partners came up to have dinner with her family while we were on the patio, and Lincoln and Beau got to meet and play with her kids (Riley 6 and Addy 5).  It was a great evening!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Busy and Fun Start to the Week

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and we have so much to appreciate!  We have showered our Preschool teachers with gifts over the years, but the Bowie PTA takes it to another level!!!  Mommy joined the committee to celebrate our teachers, and we got busy planning and crafting.  We spent on evening making door frames, personalized note cards, and vases. 
Lincoln and Beau really wanted to stay up after bedtime on Monday night to watch the Rangers game . . . uh, not so much.  They wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars with Mommy!!!  Apparently it put them to sleep!  Don't worry, Mommy was dancing quietly in the kitchen! 
Mommy was the lead of the Tuesday teacher afternoon gift - Sonic drinks!  We (4 of us) had 60 special request drinks to deliver between 1:00-2:00, and the teachers loved it.   
Beau got out of school early to play on the playground with Lincoln, and they had a great time.  So love the brother bond they have!!  Lincoln eventually got involved in a soccer game with a few other kids, and Beau and Charlie (Clark's little brother) made their own fun.  Great afternoon! 
We headed home for a Cinco de Mayo celebration of guacamole (for Mommy) and chicken fajitas for all.  Much more Teacher Appreciation (for both boys) and much more fun this week. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Fun

We finally had a Friday that wasn't too busy!  Daddy took Lincoln to school, while Beau and Mommy had a lazy morning.  We ran some little errands then went to pick up Lincoln from school.  The boys played on the playground with their buddies for a while, and they were having fun enjoying the sunshine!  Lincoln asked to go to the library to take a few AR quizzes, and Canon wanted to go too.  These little readers loved to take quizzes on Eek and Ack books! 
Other Lincoln (Boyuls) was in the library with his mom and little sister too, so Beau and Campbell had a good time reading Scooby Doo magazines while the big boys worked on the computers.  They are fun friends! 
We went to the club for dinner, and the boys had a great time playing on the greens with girlfriends.  Saturday morning's first activity was White Sox team pictures at 9:15, followed by the game at 10:00.  Lincoln was a monster at the bat!  He also got several outs with his super awesome speed and beat a few opponents to the base!  Beau mostly played with is harem of girls . . . Ellie, Campbell, Emily, and Ms. Kelly were all so happy to play with Beau.  He ate it up!!!
Ellie asked if Beau could come over to her house to play in the afternoon, so we worked that out.  Mrs. Kate told us to bring swimsuits even though the water might be a little cold.  Nick and Linc weren't too bothered by the cold water.  They splashed around for almost an hour.  William joined them and had fun too. 
Beau and Ellie played around in the shallow end but both decided it was a little chilly.  They got dried and dressed and had fun quietly playing together inside.  Beau serenaded us all with their guitar! 
Coach Corey grilled burgers for us and the Moody's, and we had a great time hanging out on Saturday evening.  The kids all played together so well!  The big Mayweather/Manny fight was on late Saturday night, so the dads stayed to watch and the moms took the kids home.  While Lincoln and Beau were NOT GOING TO BED like the other kids because they were in their sleeping bags watching a Scooby Doo, Mommy finished up the Teacher Appreciation casseroles.  Our team provides 60 frozen casseroles so each teacher takes home a dinner to bake for their family.  The Mexican Casseroles turned out great!  (Cooking at 10:30 at night is kind of peaceful!) 
Lincoln was invited to a birthday party for Jackson (Sunday School, last year baseball, neighborhood friend).  The boys loved the bounce houses and inflatable slides at Pump It Up! 
We moved to the black light room, and the kids got neon necklaces and jumped and bounced some more! 
Group pic!  Happy Birthday Jackson! 
Beau was hanging out with Nana while Lincoln was at the party.  Daddy was playing golf with a buddy, but we all met up for Lincoln's baseball practice in the afternoon.  The White Sox had a great practice and really got in some good work on fielding and batting.  Beau decided the best way to watch big brother's practice was to climb the fence.  Not sure why this almost moved Mommy to tears, but it was too sweet!!!   

Lucy C invited Beau to her Frozen party on Sunday afternoon . . . he was the only 4 year old invited that was a boy.  There were tons of Elsa and Anna costumes and Beau in a baseball shirt!!  Lucy didn't care, she just likes Beau.  She also included her older brother's Kindergarten friends because Lucy is too sweet!  Beau picked out Lucy's gift himself -- an Elsa dress with a giant pink tulle skirt! 

Mommy had a tennis lesson with friends afterwards, and we met up after Mommy's tennis lesson at Shady's with Nana and Pops.  Such a busy but fun weekend!!! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rainy and Cold, and Math too!

Sunday night was full of thunderstorms, and Monday just couldn't get dry.  We were "on" for soccer practice, then a new round of rain rolled in.  Lincoln, Jonathan, and William (not on our soccer team, but super fun friend) happened all to be at Bowie pick-up at the same time, so we had a mini soccer practice!  Beau was really involved, and Jonathan's little sister, Audrey, was ok with playing with the boys a little.  We had a fun time until the lightning began, then we all packed up and headed home for dinner.
The rain and storms continued from Monday night into the day on Tuesday.  Daddy was working in Chicago this week, so we had colder temps to match his.  As soon as we finished our grilled chicken and steamed green beans dinner, we donned sweatshirts and helmets for our nightly bike ride!!
Lincoln has had an especially hard time going to bed this week.  I'm thinking that's because he managed to sneak the iPad in his room for two nights and play it under his picnic table until Mommy discovered what was going on.  Now, nights with no iPad are boring, according to Lincoln.  So he crafts, writes, reads, and makes up super hard math tests for Mommy.  And around 11:00, this is what Lincoln is doing.  Finally asleep and ready to be carried to bed and tucked in.   
That super hard math test for Mommy needs to be completed on Friday, according to Lincoln.  Are calculators allowed?  Or iPhones?  He already had the taped papers and crayon in a special place for the big test!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saturday and Sunday Fun

After our wild night of storms, Lincoln's Saturday soccer and baseball games were cancelled.  Beau and Mommy headed to Build-A-Bear at Firewheel for Charlie's 4th birthday party in the morning.  Beau loves Charlie and had so much fun.  He picked Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as his bear, and they played lots of fun games while waiting to stuff their bears.  Charlie's older brother Clark (from Lincoln's basketball team) is on Beau's right, and the little boy on Beau's left is named Beau too and they were born just 4 days apart!!!  Crazy!
The kids posed for a group pic after everyone got their bears all complete.  It was a fun group! 
Charlie's Mom had cupcakes ready, and the kids were so happy with their treat to end the party.  Beau made sure to sit by Charlie, and they share the same love for icing!!! 
Nana and Pops stopped by after lunch, and we went for a bike ride around the block a few times.  It was super muddy from all of the rain, so the boys hosed down the bikes (mostly the wheels) to get the mud off.  Lincoln and Beau got a little silly with the hose, and they ended up a little soaked and a lot of giggly! 
We were going to have a busy Sunday, so we hit up our grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon.  Lincoln saw a glove in the parking lot that said Ben, so he wanted his picture made next to it and for Mom to text the picture to his friend Ben's mom.  Luckily, they thought the picture was too funny! 
After Sunday School, we had brunch at the club and checked on the progress of the pool renovations.  They have a lot of work to do before the Memorial Day opening weekend, but we are ready! 
Daddy and Beau played a little catch during Lincoln's afternoon baseball practice, and Beau loved it!  Well, he acted like he hadn't thrown anything ever, but Daddy reminded him to throw the baseball like he throws toys at Lincoln all the time!!! 
We had Legos and a snack after baseball, and it was time to teach the boys how to peel their own Orange Cuties.  They were excellent at peeling and ate several right away. 
More rain is on the way, and we are ready for the week.  Lots of fun to come.