Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ice Over, Getting Back to Normal

Tuesday was another Ice Day, but not for everyone.  Mommy had to go in to work at 11:00, so Daddy and the boys hung out at home for a while.  Nana was home and ready to entertain, and the boys were happy to get out of the house for a change of scenery.  Wednesday brought a bit of snow, but school was back to normal.  This was Beau's face about going back to school . . . super sad.  I'm willing to bet that he had a great time once he got inside.  He was telling all of the fun things he did with his friends and teachers at pick up, so apparently it wasn't that bad!
Lincoln's reaction to going back to school on Wednesday wasn't nearly as dramatic.  He was a little sluggish when getting ready for school, but Mommy had library duty and saw the excited little Kindergartner in his element. 
We came home to make chicken tacos for dinner and had lots of fun jumping rope (indoors), reading library books, and eating a few Popsicles.  Beau had a hard time settling down for bed, and he came out a few times too many.   Luckily, he knows how to work his sweet/cute face!
Thursday morning was better, and everyone went off to school just fine.  The boys liked being picked up a bit early, and we came home to have an early dinner and deliver Beau's birthday party invitations to our neighborhood friends.  The got dressed in their hoodies to tape the invites to doors.  Brother hug!!! 
After our cold invitation deliveries, Lincoln asked for a few science experiments.  Why not?  Beau donned his safety glasses quickly and was ready to begin. 
Lincoln was so happy that we made time for science experiments on this cold night!  He had a ton of questions about what we would being doing.   
We did an experiment of water, red food coloring, vegetable oil, and salt.   When the salt hit the liquid, it made lava-like bubbles.  So fun, but the picture isn't the best.  We had lots of lava before the camera came out! 
Next up was making Oobleck . . . a weird liquid/solid/gooey substance that they loved.  Corn starch, water, and a bit of stirring made this experiment fun.  Goggles made it more fun! 
After so much fun, it was time for baths and bed.  We read another chapter (thankfully almost the last) of Captain Underpants, then the boys were sent to bed.  They seriously have ants in their pants about going to bed, and they keep coming out a million times.  At the announcement of the LAST TIME ANYONE CAN COME OUT, we hoped for a quiet night.  Beau had another idea . . . he grabbed his horn and played extremely loudly along with his nursery rhyme CD.  It's 11:00 pm, go to sleep!!! 
So we have tons on fun, and we stay up too late.  But at least we are having tons of fun while we are staying up too late. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday and Monday - ICE Day 2015!

Sunday was scheduled to be the beginning of the super cold and sleet, but we got in a birthday party in the early afternoon while it was still just raining.  Tomas was turning 4, and the boys were so happy to celebrate with him.  When asked to say "Cheese", this is what we got . . .Lincoln kind of looked up to smile, Tomas busted a spit, and Beau did his happy dance.  Great birthday party! 
Mommy hit up the grocery stores solo for the week's groceries, and Daddy and the boys stayed warm and dry at home watching Madagascar.  Beau posed for a few pictures, and he was being super silly.   
We made Cheesy Chicken Rotini for dinner, and everyone loved it!  We added a few steamed carrots and fresh strawberries, and the boys were eager to make happy plates.  The temps were falling fast, and the rain was supposed to turn to sleet soon.  We had game night . . . Minion Operation had us laughing like crazy!   
The weatherman was correct with the icy forecast!  We got a notification before bedtime on Sunday night that school was cancelled for Monday.  We had lots of plans for our Ice Day!   First up, sleeping in.  The boys stayed warm in their beds before we braved the 20 degree temps to go on an ice walk around the block.  We checked out the slipperiness of the sidewalks (not much), dug sticks out of the ice, and waved at cars passing super slowly.  Super cuties all bundled up! 
No one was too cold after the trip around the block, so we needed to check out the ice in the backyard.  It wasn't too slipper, more like ice pellets not frozen together yet.  A half hour was enough for them to be done in the backyard.   
We had lunch then watched a movie in the playroom in a fun Ice Day fort!  Movies are way more exciting in a fort . . . but let's face it, everything is way more exciting in a fort!!!! 
We spent some time playing some games at the table.  Beau drew some banners and practiced writing his name and our names.  He's getting super good at writing his letters.  Lincoln wanted to play Tic Tac Toe and Hangman - so much fun playing old school games with this Kindergartner!   
Daddy worked from home for most of the day, but he made us the best dinner of rotini with his delicious meat sauce and steamed broccoli.  Beau requested a dessert of homemade chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream.  This may be our fourth time to made chocolate chip cookies in less than two weeks . . . three guys at this house LOVE homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Best Ice Day EVER!!!! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Week

After such a fun President's Day at home, our week was going to be pretty regular.  Mommy had teacher-helper duty on Tuesday just before lunch, so this silly guy had a surprise lunch date.  Lincoln was so happy and being his craziest little self!  His favorite new pose is still being a weird pirate with his hand over his eyes yelling "Ahoy Matey!"  Best lunch date ever!
Wednesday was a regular school/work day for all, and the boys were happy to snuggle and read after dinner.  Library books make everyone happy! The thumbs up isn't new for Lincoln, but Beau is just getting into it too.  Silly and sweet brothers.
Thursday and Friday were super busy, and somehow no pictures were taken . . . blasphemous!!!! 
We all slept in on Saturday, then we had lots of activities planned.  The weather was in the 60s but really windy, but we all wanted to enjoy the day outside because the next few days are said to be icy and cold.  Daddy headed to the club for golf, and Mommy and the boys went to the back yard for some fun.  Mommy decided to get in her daily workout on the patio, and two sneaky boys grabbed some sticks and a hideout place behind the tree to shoot at Mommy.  Little did they know that Mommy's shoes and fists had pretend shooters each time she kicked or punched.  They LOVED it!!  See two sneaky guys peeking out from behind their shield?!?! 
Thirty minutes of cardio later . . . Lincoln couldn't help but give the enemy (his Mommy) a flower he found in the yard.  This one is going to go on the list as one his cutest pictures ever.  Sweetest and cutest face captured in surprise being so kind to hand his Mommy a flower. 
Beau wasn't ready to quit fighting yet, so he beasted around with his stick/shooter for a bit more.  He never quits!! 
Lincoln asked to go on a bike ride after playing in the back yard for an hour, so a bike ride we did.  Beau and Mommy jogged along for half a mile while Lincoln was a total pro.  Mommy is so cool that we've dropped the elbow and knee pads . . . helmet is still necessary though, right?  (I'm pretty sure when I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels in my nightgown in the snow on our neighbor's concrete basketball court on Christmas morning in 1985, there were no safety precautions.  Best learning to ride a bike story ever, right?)  Lincoln had fun riding through the neighborhood, and Beau had fun jogging along. 
We made a quick trip to the party store for some birthday party supplies because we are in full-on March birthday party planning.  Lincoln had basketball practice and a game in the late afternoon, and he was a defensive star!  He's really figured out his role, and he loves being a Guard.  He's getting better about knowing his man to guard and even getting quick to knock the ball out of his hands.  He got passed the ball a few times, and he did a great job in the game.   
Lincoln and Dad went to the Dallas Mavs game on Friday night with Nick and Mr. Corey, and they took tons of fun pictures.  That post is up next. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

President's Day at Home Plus Nick

The President's Day Holiday is a favorite because who doesn't love a day off work on a Monday!  Kindergarten was closed for the holiday, so Lincoln was home and Beau got to stay home too.  Instead of it being just us, we offered to keep Lincoln's bestie, Nick, so he didn't have to go to all day PACE.  Nick arrived around 8:30, and we started our morning with a few fun board games.  Operation, Head Bandz, and Eye Spy were super fun. 
Nick's mom sent a super fun craft for us to do . . . marshmallow shooters!  We cut off the end of a plastic cup, tied a balloon then cut off the end of it and wrapped it around the lip of the cup.  The boys could load marshmallows and pull back on the tied end of the balloon and shoot them out of the cup!  It was super fun!!!! 
Lincoln and Nick were so nice to Beau and included him in each activity.  Beau's best day ever!!!!  At one point, Lincoln donned a target and had Nick and Beau try to shoot him while moving around like crazy.  Marshmallow shooting was the best! 
Before lunch, the boys all found costumes to wear and fought some super bad guys around the house.  We were super safe, thankfully! 
We had a picnic in the living room because the weather had turned to freezing overnight.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch, and we played the "favorites" game. What is your favorite book?  What is your favorite movie?  What is your favorite craft?  Lots of discussion during lunch!  After lunch, the boys built a fort and played Guard of the Castle.  Beau loved being the guard the most, and Linc and Nick loved being the guys trying to invade the castle.  This game was awesome.  It was time to take a break for a 30 minute cartoon session under the fort.  Everyone needed a little rest. 
We had a little more craft time with paper towel rolls, Ninja Turtle duck tape, and google eyes.  The boys made paper towel people, and they loved the guys they made!  Oh, and Beau was still in costume mode, and he changed costumes at leas 4 times.  Linc and Nick were back to regular clothes, but we love Beau for being so silly! 
We did some school work in the afternoon.  Lincoln had made some homework sheets for the boys to do.  A few math problems, a few tic tac toe boards, and a maze.  Once they finished those, Mommy had three sheets of sight words and a reader book for each of them to complete.  They earned PEZ candies for their hard work, and they were super smart.   
It was a great day, and we all had fun.  Definitely the busiest President's Day, but everyone was on their best behavior and enjoyed the day together.  Nick is invited back any time, and we need to remember that he is the best "hider" when we play a last minute game of "hide and seek".  Seriously, he's a great hider.  Love having friends over! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

Saturday was the most lovely Valentine's Day!  The boys played outside together with lots of fun and hugs in the warm weather. 
Lincoln's basketball team had a game in the early afternoon, then we headed to the club to meet up with Daddy as he drove in from the 18th hole.  He was surprised to see us!  The boys played around the practice greens with several other kids their age, while the parents visited.  It was so nice to have a taste of what spring/summer Saturdays will be like.  We can't wait! 
We ate on the patio at the club for our Valentine's dinner, and it was great.  Daddy had just been in Little Rock for work, and he brought a special Valentine's treat.  He went to the famous Community Bakery to bring us cupcakes back . . . it was the bakery that made our wedding cake, so it was a super special gesture!  Also, Daddy brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers at the end of the night.  Super sweet!
After a wonderful Valentine's Saturday, Sunday was supposed to be cold and windy and have potentially bad weather.  It turned out to be just a little cool and not bad at all.  The boys and Mommy had brunch on the patio while Daddy met some friends for golf.  Lincoln was super silly and went around making his best "pirate-looking-into-the-distance-Ahoy-Matey" face.  So silly!

We hit up Tom Tom and Central Market for our weekly grocery run and made a pit stop at Sonic for slushes and a diet cherry limeade.  Beau requested chocolate chip cookies, and he was a great helper.  It's crazy how old he looks in this picture.  Seriously, his growth spurt has been crazy.  (The Band-Aid on his head is because he fell out of his 4 year old bed, and it left a pretty heft purple bruise.  Still adjusting to the new bed.) 
We definitely had a fun Valentine's celebration this year.   We get a bonus day at home to celebrate President's Day on Monday, and there are lots of pictures to come.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre-Valentine's Day Fun

We have had fun getting ready for Valentine's Day this year.  After dinner on Wednesday evening, Lincoln and Beau (with really crazy hair!!!) got started on their Valentine's for their school friends.  We ordered pink and red shovels, M&Ms, and stickers that said "I Dig You", and they couldn't wait to assemble their treats! 
Lots of work went into their Valentine's, and they were so proud! 
Nana and Pops dropped off a super fun treat for us while we worked.  We enjoyed a delicious Paradise Bakery cookie cake after we finished! 
Beau took his Valentine's to his school friends on Thursday because he wasn't going to be at the party on Friday.  He was so proud to pass them out, and his friends loved them!  Lincoln shared his treats at his school party on Friday afternoon.  Mommy got to be a party helper, and we had so much fun. We had a snack of strawberries, heart marshmallows, and pretzels, then we played some fun games.  The kids were so happy to check out their Valentine's boxes to see what their friends brought them.  Linc and Mommy made a silly face for a picture! 
Lincoln had a few Valentine's to deliver . . . one to the music teacher (Mrs. Armstrong), one to the librarian (Ms. Harker), and one to his buddy Nick.  He was so loving sharing the love! 
But maybe the best part of Friday was the recognition of Lincoln reaching a new level of Accelerated Reading.  He hit Level 5, and he was so proud.  He couldn't wait to tell that Ms. Harker read his name out loud in the morning announcement, and everyone could know that he was on Level 5!  Then he saw his picture on the wall in the hall had been updated to Level 5, and he jumped and squealed and needed a picture for sure!!! 
Our Pre-Valentine's Day has been great, and we have a few more fun things planned for Saturday.  Any excuse to keep the love going is fine with us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Afternoon Fun

Fun afternoon outside after school.  Lincoln practiced some basketball shooting, and he did great.  Beau set up his food stand under the playhouse, and we took turns ordering.  Mommy grilled some slider burgers, and we all enjoyed another February day that was semi-warm!  The boys ended the afternoon riding "horses" on the swings.  Happy guys!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Weekend - It was Great!

So much fun going on here . . . Let's start with Lincoln reading AGAIN.  He was reading a book to Beau, and he said a sentence with the word "but" as in "that looked yummy, but".  The fit of giggles they erupted in was massive.  "Lincoln said BUTT!!!!"  See, reading is fun! 
Friday was the 100th day of school, and the Kindergartners had lots of 100 themed activities planned for Friday.  They were also supposed to come to school dressed like a 100 year old.  Lincoln chose to go with a older stylish yet quirky look.  Nice pants, fancy shirt, sharp vest, and a Razorback bow tie!  Cutest 100 year old EVER! 
After we sent Lincoln off to school, Beau had some playtime and lunch at home.  We have been talking about transitioning Beau from his toddler bed to a big kid bed for a few days, so we decided that Friday was the day to find a bed.  Ikea was our destination, and Beau loved it.  He posed next to each bed and voted whether he liked it or not!  Note:  the bed in the picture is not the one we picked, but he was looking super silly.  He had so much fun and told every single person in Ikea that he needed a 4 year old bed because he is almost 4.  We also found a dresser and nightstand to match his new bed.  Success . . . except that Idea furniture has to be put together at home.  More about that later!
After our trip to Ikea, we picked Lincoln up from his 100th day of Kindergarten.  He had fun being dressed up and with all of their special activities.  He played on the playground with his friends for a while then we headed to the library for a few Accelerated Reader quizzes.  He aced the 3 quizzes and lot to Level 5!  Such a happy guy and encouraging little brother! 
On Friday evening, Daddy did a lot of assembling of he aforementioned bed.  It was eventful to say the least.  Beau was excited to help.  Pictures of his new room will come soon, but his new bedding hasn't arrived yet.  (That's because it wasn't ordered until Friday night at 11:00 pm because we didn't actually plan on buying the bed on Friday!!!)  On Saturday, Lincoln had a basketball game that was great.  Lots of participation and good effort from all the kids.  Lincoln is really improving at basketball, and we all love that.  They actually have semi-pass plays to run, and it's super fun.  Nana and Pops came over to help with the rest of the furniture assembly after the game, but the boys had to play outside in the almost 70 degree weather.  It was so nice! 
Lincoln joined Daddy for a short round of golf later in the afternoon, and he did great.  They had a fun time together. 
Beau ran out of steam around 5:30 and crashed for about 30 minutes.  Truth:  he had played all day without any rest time and wanted some cookies at 5:00.  Mommy said no because he had already had two snacks and dinner was soon.  He pouted angrily for 30 minutes then finally gave in to the tiredness! 
We had a nice dinner at Manny's, the boys watched a few TMNT and Scooby movies before bed.  Sunday was church, brunch at the club, golf for Daddy, grocery shopping for Mommy and the boys.  Tom Tom and Central Market are easier for a Mom if she goes solo, but it way more fun if two sweeties come along!!!   
We unloaded our groceries for the week and headed for an afternoon of tennis to enjoy the wonderful weather.  Lincoln made us put our rackets in (like hands before a game) and yell "1 2 3 Tennis Time!!!"  We got several smiles and laughs from golfers in the parking lot.  They were excited! 
We played for two hours.  Lincoln led us in a few tennis drills, we played the line game, and we attempted to actually "play" tennis together.  It's not as easy as it sounds, but it was super fun!  These BFFs are the best! 
We were still there when Daddy finished golfing, so we had dinner on the patio and soaked up the last warm moments of an awesome day!  It was a super special day . . . not because it was special in any extraordinary way, but because it was completely ordinary and completely fun and completely real life with our family of four.