Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the land in the form of social media.  Several of Lincoln's neighborhood friends have participated, and the boys LOVE the videos.  Lincoln accepted the challenge to dump a bucket of ice water on his head in exchange for giving $10 to the ALS Foundation.  Beau wanted to do it too, and he offered to go first.  He also enlisted Lincoln's help with dumping the ice water over his head.  (Side note:  Beau refused to say ALS because he thought it should be A-B-S because his name is a B not an L.  Sigh!)  Beau made sure a paper towel to wipe his face would be handy, and at the last second Lincoln warned him to cover his eyes.  Such a sweet video!!!
It was Lincoln's turn next, and he was so excited!  He was pretty confident to state his name and what he was doing then heaved his bucket of ice water over his head!  Such the sweetest voice ever!!!  He later told me that his cousin Mason in OK and his soccer friend Preston should have to do it next.  They are officially challenged!  Can't wait to see their videos!
The boys had watched a few of their Bowie friends who had taken the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier in the day, and they noticed that each boy ran off like crazy as soon as they were doused with the ice water.  They both performed crazy running after their dousing, and they were super proud of that.  Sorry that the video shut off too soon.  In preparation for the Ice Bucket Challenge, Mommy explained the meaning behind the whole movement.  Lincoln took this from the explanation.
"When we do the Ice Bucket Challenge, we give money to the ALS.  They give money to doctors to buy medicine for sick people.  How many times can we do the Ice Bucket Challenge to give more money to sick people?" 
Sweetest Lincoln in the world!  We made our donation online, and he was so proud.  Beau didn't really get the donation part, but he loved to participate and sensed that it was something important that Lincoln wanted to do.  Teaching them that doing charitable acts and giving to charity is very important.  They totally loved this challenge even though they don't know what ALS is.  We should participate in each and every awareness and fundraising event that we can to end all of the diseases/cancers/conditions that we can.  Who wants to be next to do the Ice Bucket Challenge?  At least donate in Lincoln and Beau's name because they really want to do it again!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Weekend

After such a fun and busy week with Lincoln going to camp at Canyon Creek, we needed to have a relaxed weekend.  Linc's friend Nick from White Sox T-Ball and Tornadoes Soccer invited us over to swim and grill out, and we were happy to go!  Coach Wes was there too with James and Charlie, and these guys had FUN!  The boys swam and jumped off the diving board at least 100 times each!  The parents mostly watched and agreed that life is the most carefree when you are a little boy jumping off a diving board for hours.  We had a crazy thunderstorm and bolted inside to play a few video games then came back out after the storm.  The promise of water balloons wasn't going to keep these guys inside as the storm wrapped up.  Great Saturday!  Nick will be in Kindergarten with Lincoln starting MONDAY, and they are so looking forward to playing together.  Love their family!
Beau wasn't left out of the fun on Saturday; he just had his own little adventure planned with Nana and Pops.  They went to NorthPark to check out the latest art installation.  It was all about Forts, and he loved it!!!  And he brought home a cookie cake to share with us all.  Score!!!!
Sunday morning was super rainy and thunderstormy, so we slept in.  We had a really late brunch at the club and hit up Tom Tom and Central Market for the week's groceries.  While Mommy and Daddy were cooking a few freezer meals for a our friends with a new baby, the boys were so enthralled by a new craft.  It was amazing that we had 90 minutes of almost total silence while they did their mosaic sticker craft.  How many of these can I order to continue the peace????  They loved the finished product! 
After the craft and freezer meal preparation, Mommy made homemade meatballs, Daddy made his special marinara with spaghetti, and the boys worked on a new Lego set.  After dinner they played with their completed Legos and really let their imaginations run wild.  A great rainy and busy day! 
We wrapped up the weekend by making rainbow pinwheel cookies, and I should have taken a picture.  We made sugar cookie dough and divided it into five bowls.  Each bowl was dyed a different color with food coloring, and we rolled out each color into a log.  We twisted the logs together and sliced them into cookies to bake.  Who wouldn't love a cookie that is green, pink, blue, yellow, and purple?  We will definitely make these cookies again!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sports Camp at Canyon Creek

Since we joined the club this summer, Lincoln has been so excited about attending Sports Camp for a week.  It finally happened this week, and he LOVED it!  Drop off was at 9:00, and Linc was always super ready to go.  They met at the outdoor tennis courts to get organized for the day.  The coaches took the younger kiddos to the indoor tennis courts for morning tennis drills.  Daddy got a sneak peak one morning, and the Lincoln was having so much fun and learning from his coaches.
After hour and a half tennis lesson, they had a snack and moved to the pool for a swimming lesson from the lifeguards then free swim.  Lincoln is a total fish and was always happy to play in the pool.  They had lunch on the patio and then watched a movie on the outside TV for rest time.  He mostly loved the movies: Monsters, Inc and Frozen were his favorite days.  After lunch, they had a tennis lesson again then ended the day with a snack and more swimming.  Happy guy at the end of the day!
Wacky Wednesday meant that he had to dress crazy for camp, and he chose to wear mis-matched PJs.  Ms. Sally called him up to the front to show off his wacky attire, and he was so proud of what he picked!  There was a girl in a tutu and witch hat, a boy in a Halloween costume, a girl with PJs inside out, and Lincoln with his mis-matched PJs.  So fun!

Beau was with us for drop off on Wacky Wednesday, and he looked at his big brother adoringly as he was called up front.  Beau was looking a little wacky himself!  It was PJ day at Pre-School, and he grabbed his hat to be like Lincoln.  He can't wait to be 5 and go to Canyon Creek Camp too!   
Five full days of tennis and swimming was so fun!  Lincoln learned so much from his coaches, and they awarded him with Best Backhand at the end of the week.  He loved that!  They had a little carnival to celebrate the end of the session and he got to use his Sally Bucks (play money distributed when the coaches see a kid succeeding at a new skill, exhibiting great behavior, or doing something extra nice) to buy a few suckers and a toy.  So fun!!  When the pool closes and we have more free time, we'll be hanging out at the tennis courts . . . with Lincoln showing us how to properly execute the backhand!   
It was a great week of camp, and he really loved the experience.  A few times this Mommy was worried about leaving him in an environment different from his regular school.  He promised each morning that he wouldn't wander from his coaches or campmates, and he reported that every part of the day was fun.  The coaches and Ms. Sally said that he was great and really participated in each part of camp with eagerness.  That's my Lincoln!!!  It's great that he loved it so much because he's probably going to spend most of next summer there.  We can add in a few golf camps too, and he'll be the best and the tannest tennis player, swimmer, and golfer ever!!!! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Silly Before Bedtime

Sometimes it's crazy at bedtime!  Two sweet and excited little boys got all cleaned up and a found their second wind.  Orange traffic cones were the object of choice for being silly.  First, they had horns and made silly faces.
After wearing the cones as horns, the boys needed to turn their horns to strange eye glasses/telescopes/binoculars.  Whatever! 
Love two sweet brothers being silly after they are all cleaned up and ready for bed.  These two guys have the best time together, and they always make us laugh. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Sleep In Saturday . . . everyone was on board with that but Beau.  He's been exploring a lot in the morning before everyone else wakes up.  On Saturday morning, he tried to eat a frozen breakfast sandwich from the freezer, sprayed the kitchen table and chairs with Windex and used a giant roll of paper towels to clean, cut open multiple string cheese sticks, and eventually located his favorite chocolate ice cream treats to eat with the ice cream scoop.  Interesting morning!!!  We hit up the club pool with Nana and Pops in the early afternoon and everyone had fun swimming.  A surprise trip to Fort Worth happened for dinner on Saturday night.  Rodeo Goat burgers . . . awesome!  My whole world sitting across from me - these three guys make life the best!
We waited semi-patiently for dinner, and it didn't disappoint.  The boys had cheeseburgers, fries, and ketchup, which they loved.  Mommy and Daddy shared the monster Cheese Fries Surprise that was super delish!  Daddy also had the Mustard Relish Burger, and Mommy had the Whiskey Bacon Cheese burger.  So much yummy!!! 
Rodeo Goat has a few ring toss games, and the boys were sure that they needed to play.  After burgers, they headed inside to play.  This is a hard game!! 
Since Saturday night was a late one, we slept in on Sunday.  Well, Beau had a few antics and didn't get the memo about sleeping in.  Mommy heard his first attempt to wake Lincoln and begin some mischief at 8:30.  Beau was escorted back to his room quickly with instructions to stay put.  He totally didn't mind!  Daddy discovered a lot of Beau's bits in the kitchen a little later.  Apparently, Beau had decided to search the drawers for measuring cups to pour cranberry juice back and forth . . . talk about a sticky mess on the floor and cabinets.  At least he didn't attempt to eat a frozen breakfast sandwich again.  Lesson learned!  After lunch, we met up with the best ever Indoor Soccer team ever!  We finished our season undefeated, and how cool is that!  Team pic after the last game, even though we were missing a few.  
Coach Rob ordered the best trophies for the kiddos . . . 2014 Indoor Soccer Champions!   Obviously, we are the champions of the league because we went undefeated.  Yes, we kept score secretly, but we mostly loved the boys loving to play soccer . . . and we won every game.  Awesome soccer season!!

The soccer team met at Bahama Bucks for some celebratory shaved ice and fun after the last game.  So much fun with our teammates, and it's nice that they love Beau too!   For the record, Daddy and Beau had lime, Lincoln had Blue Raspberry, and Mommy had Cherry Lime.  Most delicious shaved ice ever!
Lincoln was thrilled that they had the ring game from the previous night, and he loved trying to get the circle on the hook.  So much fun when he scored!!!  That is the most proud blue lips and teeth smile ever! 
So it is really hot and really hot and really hot.  That means we needed to head back to the pool to cool off.  While getting ready to go swim, our house had a crazy hard rain shower.  When we got to the club, the lifeguards told us that we had a little wait due to lightning and thunder in the area.  All of the kiddos were counting down like crazy to get in the pool.  Love the anticipation of swimming.  That last 60 seconds was hard!!! 
Daddy played golf with Pops while we were swimming, and we had a great family dinner afterwards in the club.  Just for fun, the boys got to stop back at the pool to have an ice cream treat.  Great way to end the super busy weekend. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fantastic Friday

Super busy Friday!  We hit up the Richardson Library in the morning to return our books and check out 6 new ones.  We really took our time picking out new books and even played a bit in the library.  It wasn't too hot yet at noon, so we had a picnic in the little garden section just outside of the kids section of the library.  We had turkey and cheese wraps, Pringles, apple slices, and pink lemonade.  Perfect picnic!!!
The boy s got haircuts from Mr. Danny, and they were looking sharp!!!  A car wash at Big Lou's was a favorite thing to do, then we went over to Canyon Creek to have a sweet treat at Sweet Firefly!  Chocolate ice cream on the patio was perfect for a 104 degree day!!! 
After dinner with Nana and Pops at Anamia's, we stopped at the club to see the live music on the patio.  Beau got a little confused when we said there might be a band.  He kept looking around for a parade that would have a marching band . . . not so much!  It was a very low-key singer playing his own instruments, and he was awesome.  Well, he was awesome to everyone but Beau because he had set his expectations really high!!!!!  After the boys ran around on the practice greens for a while, they asked Daddy to take them through the course on the golf cart.  Love this picture of my three favorite guys together! 
It was the busiest and hottest day EVER!!!!  Let's have a more relaxed Saturday, OK?  We have swimming and golf on the agenda, and we are ready for a day of fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night Owls

The boys have always been on a very strict bedtime schedule for their entire lives!  This summer we have been letting Lincoln stay up after bathtime on weekend nights to do a little more Lego-ing or watch a few Road Runner videos on the computer.  The more we got into the relaxed days of summer, the more Lincoln got to stay up.  Beau figured this out recently, and bedtime has been quite long lately.  On this night, the boys took early baths (8:00) so they could watch a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episode on the laptop.  When that was over, Beau had to go to bed and Lincoln (secretly) got to look at Lego projects with Mommy on the computer.  Beau heard the commotion and came out to participate.  We checked out a few things then the boys went to their rooms . . . but not for long.  Mommy decided to watch a show on Tivo and was interrupted by two little boys who couldn't help but come out repeatedly to give hugs.  At about 10:30 we were having a spirited conversation about a vacation they are planning to go on.  They will do anything to stay up just a little bit later!  These late summer nights are the best, but reality is about to set in.  We will have super strict school bedtimes soon, so it seems we are all taking advantage of the last days of summer.  Who wouldn't want to have a late night discussion with these two cuties?!?!  It might just be the best part of the day!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just for Fun - Costumes!

Sometimes Beau and Lincoln need to take a break from their awesome selves . . . and they dress up!!!  Minnie sent them some fun costumes that they have really enjoyed.  A regular Monday night (or regular Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Saturday night, etc.) is extra special when costumes are involved.  Beau loves to be Captain America, even though the costume is still a bit big.  Still deciding if it needs to be hemmed or just let him grow into it.  Either way, he loves being Captain America and saving the world from the playroom!  Too cute!
When Beau is done super-hero-ing, he acts like Thomas the Train.  To be honest, we have never really gotten into the whole Thomas the Train thing.  (Thankfully!)  They are aware of it and enjoy it without us having to actually watch it or buy the stuff.  Beau is a super cute train though! 
Lincoln's first costume choice was Buzz Lightyear, and he was an awesome astronaut!  He shouts out, "To infinity and beyond" over and over!!   
Lincoln's other costume was a Lightning McQueen Pit Crew suit, and he accessorized that with a Scully (from Monsters, Inc) mask.  Whatever!!!! 
While the Lego obsession still reigns for Lincoln, and Beau's blocks are still the best, it's nice to take a break to play pretend.  These two have the wildest imaginations EVER!!!!!!!  So fun to see them interact with their different characters.  Again, never a dull moment! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fun-Filled Weekend

Busiest week ever!!!!  After the adjustment to the new school, we have had a fun weekend that started on Friday at the Love Field Flight Museum.  (Mommy went there once for a work event, but that was years ago.  The boys have never been.)  Nana and Pops took the boys on Friday morning, and they loved it!!  Beau's main concern was to see a Chinook helicopter with two spinners (that part was very important) or a rocket ship.  Everyone had a great time checking all of the aircraft on display. 
The boys got to watch take offs and landings at Love Field while at the museum . . . the most important take-away was that planes are loud!   
Beau decided later in the day that he wanted to be an airplane pilot when he grows up.  His journey of deciding his dream job has taken quite the amazing route, and it was probably like most little boys at his stage of life.  First, he wanted to be a trash truck driver.  He somehow determined that a trash truck driver couldn't go to the country club (????), so he switched to a mail man.  After wearing his fire fighter suit and putting our fires all over the house for a few days, he changed his aspirations to be a fire fighter.  The Flight Museum made him reconsider his plan, and now he's going to be a pilot.  What a face - flying his gift shop plane, but his little eyes are imagining he's up in the sky flying it so high. 
We hit up the club on Friday evening for some swimming and Daddy golf.  Strangely, the first day of August had a high of 77 degrees?!?!  This summer has been the craziest with too many cool days.  The water was cold, and the boys barely wanted to go in.  
We had a snack at the pool and avoided the cold water, and Daddy showed up on his golf cart to offer to take us golfing.  Much better idea!!!!   
Soccer Saturday for the Texas Tornadoes!!!!  (And a little brother!)  Still undefeated and closing out the season next weekend!
Daddy and some soccer team dads had a golf date at the club on Sunday afternoon, and the rest of the Katsoulis family joined us at the pool.  It was a blast!!!!   Linc and Nick had the best time wrestling around and squealing like crazy.  Beau and Ellie played with lots of pool toys, and the Mommies got to spend a few fun hours together.   
Snack time!!!!  (Ellie was off in search of a band aid in this pic.)
Lincoln announced while eating his pretzel snack that his 2nd loose tooth would fall out after dinner.  Ok, buddy.  Minutes after getting back into the pool, he just reached into his mouth and pulled it out.  We were all so excited!!!!  We immediately took a picture to text to Daddy on the golf course , and then send it all grandparents!!  Nick was super happy too and told everyone else at the pool about Lincoln pulling his tooth!  So exciting!  
We bagged the tooth to save for the tooth fairy and continued with our swimming.  It wasn't long before the dads were finishing up with golf, so the kiddos spent some time running around the practice putting green.  We ordered dinner on the patio and grabbed a Popsicle treat.  Again Ellie missed the pic!  We had so much fun hanging with our T-Ball and Soccer team friends. 
Such a fun weekend!  We had fun on Friday morning at the Flight Museum and a great time golfing on Friday night.  Saturday was busy with tons of "stuff" and soccer, and Sunday afternoon/evening was a blast with Nick's family.  Love a fun-filled weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Story of a New Temporary School . . .and Daddy is back!!!

In the spirit of "never a dull moment," we've had a real whopper of a curve ball thrown at us.  The director of pre-school called late on Wednesday night to tell me that there had been a flood at school, and they wouldn't be able to open on Thursday.  Luckily, Nana was off and the boys had so much fun playing (see the earlier post).  During Beau's swimming lesson on Thursday evening, an email came with a detailed report of the flooding . . . and a shocking declaration that the center would be closed for approximately 6 weeks!!!!  What?!?!  Where are Lincoln and Beau going to go for the next few weeks?  We all have full time jobs, and this is super scary and crazy!   Our child care center owns several other centers in the DFW area, and they offered to take in as many kids as they could.  I got on the phone immediately and secured a spot for both Lincoln and Beau at the three closest centers.  After our Perot Museum trip, we loaded up in the car with Minnie and went to check out the new schools.  None of them are even close to my office or our house, but we had to pick one and make the best of the situation.  The one we chose is the most out of the way, but they were the sweetest to accommodate us.  It is a small center with just one room per age, but they combined their 3s and 4s to open a room for 20 Medical City kids ages 3 and 4.  Lincoln got grandfathered in because he's about to leave for Kindergarten, and he could be the teacher's helper.  So we bought new nap mats and were ready to use our new backpacks on Monday at our new school!  The boys were super excited about their new school and spending the day together.  Cheese!!!!! There is no way to explain the anxiety about which center to send the kids to.  Our three choices were so different, and it was stressful to text and email other school Moms to see what they were planning so we could make a decision together.  Beau's best buddy is at our same place after I assured his Mommy that it was the best choice for us.  One of my work friends was in Mexico on vacation, so I visited a center to report to her because she was freaking out!  In the end, we chose the place with the most familiar faces, and the boys have not been bothered about the change in location. 
Lincoln was not allowed to come out and play after bath and bedtime, but he did some super special crafting in his room and needed a picture.  He made a hat, shirt, and wristband out of paper and tape.  He loves to tape things!  Such a cutie! 
The boys were still excited to go to their new school on Tuesday, and that was a great sign.  They had brought a few teachers from our regular school so the kids had tons of familiar faces.  When we got home from school, we were met by Daddy standing in our front yard with a giant suitcase and a giant backpack . . .he had just arrived home from an 8 day work trip to London and Scotland!!!  He missed all of the school drama, but we were so happy to have him home!  Daddy got to pick dinner, and it was no surprise that we ended up at Jersey Mike's for sandwiches, chips, and fruit.  So glad to be reunited! 
After baths and bedtime, Lincoln crafted an upgraded shirt for his paper wardrobe.  Super smart to leave armholes!!!   
After dinner on Wednesday night, we headed outside to enjoy the temps in the mid-80s.  That's absolutely crazy for July in Texas.  Lincoln was a beast while hitting the ball off the tee in the backyard.  Ready for fall ball!!!! 
Beau watered the grass for a while before he joined Lincoln taking turns at the tee.  Such a cutie!!! 
So it has been a crazy week, and we have been adjusting to a new school and driving schedule.  It's so much better that Daddy is back home, and he was happy with Mommy's temporary school choice.  Whew!  Daddy brought us lots of goodies from London and Scotland, and we have had so much fun sharing stories from our time apart.  A post about Daddy's trip is next up.