Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Super Busy - Sunday and Monday

Sunday afternoon took a little detour . . . after a normal grocery trip with the boys (Central Market balloons, of course!), Beau wanted to see if anyone was swimming at the club.  After explaining that the pool was closed because it was fall, Beau responded that it wasn't cold and it was super sunny.  "I need to see that we can't swim Mom!"  So we made a quick stop to check out the abandoned pool that had cool water and no occupants . . . can they please drain the pool already so Beau doesn't think it's ok to swim?!?!
Mommy had some cooking to do in the afternoon, and Daddy and the boys cheered the Cowboys to another super WIN!  We snuggled up to read a few books before dinner.  Love these guys! 
While we ate dinner, a brownie pie was cooling for dessert.  The boys insisted that we decorate it with icing to make it even better.  Happy guys! 
After school on Monday, we headed to Lincoln's first tennis lesson!  He went to camp at Canyon Creek this summer and had tennis and swimming lessons, but it was his first time to be enrolled in after hours tennis.  He loved his coaches (and Mrs. Sally for sure!) and had a great time at the lesson.   
Beau and Mommy reserved a court to have their own tennis lesson for an hour . . . Beau is the funnies tennis partner ever!  And the cutest too!

We left tennis and went straight to our last soccer practice at Bowie.  Lincoln and his teammates did some speed drills before working on their soccer game.  Lincoln was so proud to be the fastest! 
Two smiley and happy guys after soccer are the best!  Everyone had plenty of dirt and sweat after tennis and soccer, and they loved it! 
We got cleaned up at home and had a quick dinner (grilled chicken and steamed veggies) and another brownie!  Super busy and super fun Monday! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Saturday Soccer with a Celebirty and the Bowie Fall Festival

Saturday was a beautiful day, and we had lots of activities planned outside.  Lincoln was super surprised that his sweet Kindergarten teacher came to his soccer game.  He loves Mrs. Bailey so much, and he couldn't believe she was there to cheer him on!  All of the boys on our team recognized her right away, and she was like a celebrity!  Best Kindergarten Teacher EVER!!!!
The Bowie Fall Festival was in the afternoon, and we were ready!  Mommy worked a shift (or two) as a carnie at the duck pond game, then we all met up to have fun!  The boys loved the big inflated slide. Coach Wes was in charge of the slide, and he might have let them have a few extra slides.  He commented that he was so amazed at what a good big brother Lincoln was being.  Linc always made sure to help Beau with the big step and made sure Beau was keeping up on the ladder.  He never left his little brother behind.  So much sliding fun! 
Of course the boys wanted to go in the crazy blown up ball thingy . . . the line was long, but they waited it out with the entire Ninjas soccer team.  Seriously Lincoln, Canon, Nick and the rest of the team were all in line for the super popular "ride".  The boys were all super nice to include Beau while they waited.  Lincoln worked hard to power his way down and back.  That looked hard! 
When it was Beau's turn, he didn't have as much strength to go as fast.  Lincoln ran to help push, and his soccer and school friend Nick ran to help too.  Such sweet guys!  Nick had to leave to take his turn, so Pops assisted as well.  Beau loved that he got to be like the big boys! 
Off to the next thing, holding hands like sweet brothers do.   
Straight back to the inflatable slide . . . that was definitely the favorite.  Again Coach Wes might have given them a million extra slides.  Mommy had fun talking with Mrs. Coach Wes (importantly also know as Natalie!), and the boys loved the slide again. 
We took a silly picture with a happy scarecrow and a mean pumpkin man.  Beau made me take the picture three times to make sure he was making his meanest face . . . sigh! 
When the boys learned that there was a Haunted House, they were sure we needed to check it out.  Ummm, Mommy doesn't really like Haunted Houses, ok?  The mom in charge of the Haunted House took one look at our little group and said we should announce, "No scary stuff" as we went through.  As soon as the "scarers" heard that, they happily took off their masks and gave us high fives and silly faces.  Such nice older Bowie kids to give us a break . . . the boys loved their first Haunted House experience!  But we all held hands with a death grip!!!! 
We headed back to the carnival part of the Festival, and it was just a great set up, great fun, great weather, and great event.  Bowie is the best! 
Our last game was the strong man, and Lincoln did his best to hit the hammer super hard.   
Of course, Beau had to be super strong too.   
Best Bowie Fall Festival EVER!  We have been for the last couple of years even though we weren't at Bowie yet, and this one was the most fun.  Thanks to all of the coordinators and my fellow volunteers for making this event so great!  Also thanks to Nana and Pops for helping take pictures when my phone wasn't cooperating!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fun Friday

A fun Friday was in order after such a busy week, and Beau and Mommy got some donut time after dropping Lincoln off at school.  Such a cutie!
While Lincoln was learning, Beau did lots of playing.  He crafted, built trains, and made lots of pretend food.  We baked a couple of cakes for the Bowie Fall Festival cake walk, but forgot to take photographic evidence.  When it was time to pick Lincoln up from school, Beau was so excited.  They played on the playground together for about 3 minutes.  The rest of Linc's buddies got released from their class, and the big boys started up a game of soccer.  Little brother definitely was NOT happy about Lincoln's decision to play with his friends instead of him.  (Sweet big brother Lincoln always stays with Beau and has tons of fun.  I was secretly proud of him for just wanting to play with Kindergarten buddies and not worry so much about Beau.)  Beau cried a bit (and kicked the dirt a lot).  So hard to be a little brother! 
Two little brothers found common ground by kicking the shrubs while their older brothers played . . . Beau and Case are bound together since Lincoln and Canon are classmates and soccer teammates.  They might as well start to like each other now!!! 
The boys got back on friendly terms on the way home.  We cleaned out the car and headed to Big Lou's for a real car wash.  They passed the time with new books discovered in the back of the car (from probably 6 months ago!).   
The boys played outside for a while and had a great time.  We love that the weather is super nice right now . . . so glad 100 degrees is over! 
We met up with Nana and Pops and the Hogg's for dinner and ended the night with movies!  Lincoln picked Despicable Me 2, and Beau followed it up with a Snoopy Reunion episode.  Fun Friday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Science Experiements with Candy

We had a super fun science-y dinner one night this week.  Daddy was out working, so we took lots of pictures to show him what we did.  While the burgers were cooking, we set up our experiments.  The boys were loving to eat dinner while watching and discussing what was going on.
We had M&Ms soaking in water, candy corn in cold water, candy corn in hot water, Skittles in club soda, and sour gummies in club soda.  Some of the reactions were almost immediate . . . the club soda made the Skittles and sour gummies fizz like crazy!  The Skittles eventually bled their colors in the fizz.  The sour gummies just stayed fizzy and never really changed.   
As we ate dinner, we noticed the "skin" of the candy corn in the hot water would float to the top of the glass.  The inside sugar part stayed at the bottom of the glass and later melted in the hot water.  The candy corn in the cold water took way longer to change, and it never got to the point of the hot water candy corn.  It's kind of gross in retrospect!
We also watched the color from the M&Ms make rainbow colors in the water, but we were also amazed that the m&m logo just magically lifts of the candy and floats to the top.  So cool! 
Lincoln was so interested in checking on our candy trials and ate all of his dinner while we talked.   
Beau loved that he got to be involved in a science experiment, and he ate his dinner happily.  He wanted to check out each observation that Lincoln made.   
Super fun dinner for a random week night!  Mommy has a few new science experiments lined up for next week involving food coloring, milk, etc.  We also learned that candy is not only delicious but fun to study when tested in different environments.  As if candy could get any better . . . perhaps we'll use it more often in science experiments than eating it . . . yeah, right!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Columbus Day Discoveries

Our Columbus Day began with a super storm way early in the morning and a short loss of power . . . luckily the boys slept through it all!  Daddy turned the fans back on, and Mommy reset the clocks.  We all slept in a little, and it was glorious!  Lincoln requested a trip to the Cookie Mall (The Dallas Galleria) for lunch and a cookie, of course!  Mommy had already made a picnic lunch before the rain, so we took our picnic to a table at the mall.  It was a fun lunch! 
Mommy had some inside scoop about an event going on at the Galleria during lunch on Monday.  Two of Komen's partners were teaming up for an appearance and shopping event, and we had to check it out!  The Dallas Cowboys were sending players and cheerleaders to Belk for a meet and greet and a little shopping fun.  When we arrived, Ms. Carrie (my CRM Managing Director friend for almost 10 years) insisted that Lincoln and Beau get an up close and personal meeting and photo with the Cowboys.  The guys were really nice about the kids getting to go behind the table and pose with them.  Everyone else had to stay in front of the table, so Lincoln and Beau had their first VIP moment!  We assured Crawford and Leary that we cheered hard for them on Sunday, and they were actually really nice to talk to the boys.  So much fun! 
We visited the Cowboys cheerleaders next, but Beau got a little shy and hid in the purses.  Lincoln had a little sheepish look after Beau left him hanging! 
We did a bit of shopping on our way out, and the boys were super sweet to hold hands on the stairs.   
After our fun adventures at the mall, the boys played all afternoon.  Mommy did a lot of cooking early in the afternoon, and Lincoln and Beau wanted in on the action.  They each got a bowl of pasta, ice, water, and mixing spoons.  They were occupied for hours!!!  They even made a pretend grill to "cook" their pasta.
The reason Mommy was in the kitchen early was to start the Taco Soup.  Prep work started at 3:00, then it just simmered for a few hours until dinner.  We went out on a limb and served the boys taco soup for dinner, and we couldn't have had a better response.  Lincoln was first and announced that he loved it!!!  Beau tried to eat as much and say that he loved it too!!  They both ate the meat, kidney beans, and hominy!  They also had a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit to make sure they had enough food.  So surprised that they ate the Taco Soup!
While we didn't discover something as big as America on Columbus Day, we discovered a lot of family fun and a new dinner.  Thanks to Christopher Columbus and his chartering of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria for a great day.  (BTW, Allyson totally reminded me of the names of the ships while she was subbing in the 3rd grade room for the day.  I will admit that I had the Mayflower instead of the Pinta in my original thought.  Thanks Ally!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Weekend

We had lots planned for Saturday, but the rain the forecast threatened some of our activities.  Lincoln's soccer game in the morning was cancelled due to rain and muddy fields.  We slept in a little and enjoyed the morning at home.  Luckily, our family photo session was still on in the early afternoon.  A quick sneak peak at two cuties smiling like crazy . . .
After our successful meeting with the family photographer, we headed to Jackson's 2nd birthday party!  Lincoln and Beau had so much fun in the bounce house! 
Uncle E busted out the tractor, and the boys had the best time!  Conner was in the background watching Lincoln zoom around the yard.  He was loving that he could drive himself around! 
Beau got to take a turn, and Lincoln tried to help him.  Beau was really on his own though and had to steer and push the gas pedal.  It got a little wild! 
Sunday School was fun with friends . . . Jackson and Charlie wanted to join our class.  Such sweet boys! 
We had brunch at the club, ran some errands, and then spent the afternoon watching the Cowboys beat the Seahawks!  High fives for all!!!   
Having a holiday on Monday is the best, and we are all super happy to celebrate Columbus Day!  Super fun pictures coming soon!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun this Week

Lincoln had a surprise visitor during his library time at school . . . Mommy was the library volunteer!  He was all smiles and super giddy, and his Mommy was loving it!  The kids all returned their books and searched for new ones with so much excitement.  Love that they love being in the library! 
Ms. Harker (the Librarian) took the kids to the reading room to talk to them about authors, illustrators, story characters, and more. She had a few kids help out after she read them a story, and Lincoln got to talk about the main character.  Ms. Harker was awesome, and she knew every single child's name in Lincoln's class - she knows every single child in the entire elementary school - how crazy is that!!!!   We can't wait for the next opportunity for Mommy to volunteer in the library! 
The boys have been collecting acorns for a few days, and they decided they needed to bring them inside and make a super special potion with them.  What?!?!  They asked for water, lemonade, apple juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice, and a stick to stir up their potion.  Gross!!!!  We poured our potion out in the street, thankfully.  They have decided to check the acorns soaked in the potion in a few days to see if any squirrels ate them.  We might have some pretty sick squirrels if they ingested all of that crazy juice mixture!  Happy faces! 
Thursday was a regular school day for all, and we played in the backyard after dinner.  It was not too hot (88 degrees with a breeze), and we had fun with random toys and sticks.  Fun stuff! 
Lincoln had school on Friday, and Beau spent the day with Nana and Pops.  He did some crafts, and apparently took that job seriously.  Look at that face! 
Beau had been practicing his band skills while Lincoln was in Kindergarten.  After picking Linc up from school, Beau got in full band director mode.  Lincoln played the drums (and Pops played his trumpet) while Beau conducted from the ladder.  Such a bossy little guy! 
A house nearby has the craziest and loudest Halloween decorations, and Lincoln wanted a picture beside Frankenstein.   
We played out back again for a while before dinner, and it was fun to be in the backyard.  The calm before the (rain) storm expected tonight! 
After dinner at Anamia's and baths, the boys had a movie night.  They watch Madagascar and squealed like crazy.  It was early enough to start another movie (after they begged like crazy), so The Aristocats began.  Beau didn't make it too far in the movie, but Lincoln jumped to dance to the song, "Everybody Wants to be a Cat!"  Just don't wake up sleeping brother, ok!   
Ten minutes later, we carried both sleeping boys to bed.  It was a long and tiring and fun week, and it was time to crash.  We have a long weekend ahead, thanks to Columbus Day on Monday.  Bring on the fun!